Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Anniversary Celebration!

As I have stated in previous posts, every year I am responsible for the Valentines plans. This leaves our Anniversary plans in the hands of Mr.Wonderful. We always surprise each other with what we have under our planners cap! Mr. Wonderful had to be quite creative this year being that I worked the night before and on the night of our Anniversary.

Here is all that he had secretly planned for me:

1st Surprise:This was my Anniversary Breakfast that I had the morning I got off of work! Mr. Wonderful ordered it from my one of my favorite spots!

I went to bed with a nice full stomach and a smile on my face after spending time with my family of 4!
 When I awoke after working the next night my husband told me to be ready at 4pm and to dress nice.His wonderful Mother gifted us with babysitting for the whole evening!!!

2nd surprise: The 2nd surprise took place in the parking lot of the mall. This is where Mr. Wonderful gave me my gift , a beautiful Betsy Johnson necklace. Love it!

After 5 years we think a like. I gave him his gift at this moment too, a cross necklace. He always states he wants bling bling. He loved his gift too! He said he wants to wear his religion and something I got him close to his heart daily. He does not want to flaunt it but wear it under his shirt!?!?!

3rd surprise: We then went into the mall and I got an Anniversary Full Body Massage!!!!!!!!

4th Surprise : Steakhouse. Before I could have even challenged his choice of dinner my husband stated" I am investing into our marriage tonight ". This warmed my heart and shut my mouth. I then opened my mouth back up to eat the delicious food!

What I wore:
Floral blouse: Gift from my mom
Jeans: Guess(Marshall's)
Shoes: Steve Madden(Ross)

Our Anniversary Celebration Picture

My Anniversary Cocktail

My Anniversary Crabcakes

My Anniversary Chopped Salad

My Anniversary Sweetie and his Anniversary Steak

My Anniversary Barbecued Shrimp and yummy Fries

5th Surprise: An Anniversary chat on a bench downtown and it was so nice outside!

I can't believe it has been 5 great years!

6th Surprise: Then back in the car to get frozen yogurt, while listening to our honeymoon cd(love jams made by a friend as a wedding gift).

Last Surprise: We headed to the movies to go see a Romantic Comedy. What a lovely way to end a great night of celebrating 5 years!

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Buttermess Acres said...

awwwww girl, congrats on the Big FIVE & HAPPY ANNIVERSARY!!! thats just the sweetest thing! he def did a great job & u guys looked great & so did that yummy food! LOVE LOVE LOVVVVVE ur steve's, i got my black peep toe fully sequined madden's from ross too! u have GREAT taste! lol. ne ways, i am glad that u guys enjoyed ur special day! (:

Daenel T. said...

Awww How very sweet! Happy Anniversary to you both. What a blessing to be able to say that you've celebrated 5 years.

Epic said...

Happy Anniversary Jonnique! Cheers to you and Mr. Wonderful! :)

Katherines Corner said...

Aww well done. Happy, Happy, Happy Anniversary. He certainty made it extra special. So sweet.
We don't buy gifts for each other on our anniversary. We buy something we can share. Often practical things, like a piece of furniture or bicycles, etc.But I absolutely love how you celebrate with him making the anniversary plans and you making the valentines plans. Hugs and thank you for joining in the hop fun xo

Simply Tasheena said...

Happy Anniversary! He did an awesome job! Everything looks perfect :).

Mrs. Delightful