Wednesday, February 13, 2013

2013 Vday Picture: WIW

It feels so good to look & dress nice. Especially after running after the kids all day and taking care of their needs first. I have realized after being a Mommy for 3.5 years that I need to make an effort to feel great. One way that I feel great is when I dress nice and get a million compliments from Mr.Wonderful. With this outfit it happened.

What I Wore :
Bracelet:Forever 21

Another reason I put a little effort in my appearance on this day was our Valentines Advent Calendar. It was the 10th day and it stated:

Here is our 2013 Valentines Self Portrait:

Got to love the self timer function on the wonderful camera!
Happy Valentines Day!!!
pleated poppy


pretty little things said...

just stopping in from the link up and I love your blog! hope you can check mine out too! xo


Laura- That Kind of Mom said...

Your portrait together is adorable! I agree, as a mommy, dressing up sometimes is so necessary. It's so nice to concentrate on yourself for a little while. Love the outfit, too!

Sue said...

You look pretty, love the outfit and reading where you purchased each item, and you two are a lovely couple!!

mail4rosey said...

I love the outfit! Visiting today from Thursday's Favorite Things. Happy Valentine's Day. :)

Cindy Swanson said...

What an incredibly beautiful family you have!

Love your fashion sense as are one elegant and sophisticated mommy. :)

Hope you'll stop by my blog and say hello!

Cindy at Notes in the Key of Life

Linda @ Life and Linda said...

Lovely outfit and you make an adorable couple. It does feel good to dress up and have some me time.

Katherines Corner said...

You always look lovely!! thank you for adding your wonderful blog to the Thursday Favorite Things hop. xo