Friday, January 30, 2009

It is possible to find out the sex at 16 weeks!

As you all know I am a Labor and Delivery nurse. Which comes with a few advantages when you are pregnant. Wes being aware of these advantages, asked me anxiously a couple of times if I was going to try to find out the sex early at work. Well I did, last Sunday the 24th , a very slow Sunday at work I made a comment to one of the other nurses that I wonder if my baby is a boy or girl. She said lets see and asked one of the doctors to scan me. We gathered in one of the rooms, myself(laying on a bed as if I was a patient), 3 other nurses, and the doctor. After a few seconds of finding Baby Bell one of the nurses said, "oh my gosh, is that a Penis?" The doctor looked at me and said "Jonnique are for sure that you want to know the sex? And if I tell you do you pinkie swear that you will not go out and buy a certain color, pick a name, and tell everyone?" I said " Yes doctor, I want to know!" He then said, "I am 99.9% sure that you and your husband are having a boy!" The three nurses screamed and I just smiled with joy in my heart, as I seen my babies glory on the ultrasound.

I called Wes that night from work, but did not want to tell him over the phone. I just told him that I loved him, good night, and that I would be home a little late in the morning(I work night shift 7pm-7am) because I was having my 3 month evaluation done with my boss before I left work(which was true and it went great!).

Before I came home in the morning I stopped by a CVS store and picked up "IT'S A BOY" card and balloon. When I arrived home Wes was still sleeping but had awaken to me coming in the house. He yelled from the bedroom "how did your evaluation go,babe?" I told him to hold on and I would show him in a moment. I walked up stairs with the balloon, card, and a camera all behind my back. I turned on the light in the bedroom. Wes asked with his eyes still closed, "why are you turning on the light?" I said, "I need to show you my evaluation." I gave him the card. He read out loud " Cute and Cuddly, It's a Boy", with a strange face. Understanding soon and finally kicked in and his faced turned into excitement along with heartfelt laughter! I then handed him his balloon with a kiss.

We immediately called all of our immediate family members and told some of our close friends that day. I still wanted to be 100% before we shared it with everybody. So yesterday, Friday the 30th we had a 3D ultrasound completed. Wes is living proof that his baby and him are the same sex. The 99.9% that the doctor at my job gave me is now 100% without a doubt.

Monday, January 19, 2009

The weekend I started showing...just a little, at 14 1/2 weeks!

From January 10th-17th Wes was out of town on a business trip. About everyday that he called he asked if my belly grew. I answered "I really do not think so". Well when he arrived home late Saturday night and I opened the door and his first words were "Oh my gosh, your bump has grown and I can actually tell that you are pregnant". I did not believe him until the next day. Almost everyone that seen my belly made a comment about my little bump and how I was growing. I finally accepted that it was the beginning of my belly starting to show and my husbands words.

I am also feeling less nauseous these days and coming to enjoy some food again. While Wes was gone on his trip I had to confess and tell him about a night craving I had around 3 o clock in the morning. I woke up with my mouth salivating for baked Ruffle chips and pickles. After laying in the bed for about 1 minute thinking am I really going to get up and give in to this craving...I did! I also will announce for the first time in my life I ate an entire $5 dollar foot long BTL sandwich. My husband shared the experience with me by just saying "That is amazing"!