Saturday, April 28, 2012

5 year Anniversary

I gave my whole heart to you for my whole life. You have wholeheartedly treasured it. Thank you & Happy 5th Anniversary my Love!

April 28th 2007 - I said "I Do". One of the best decisions of my life!

April 28th 2008- We celebrated the big 1 Anniversary! We went to Palm Springs for the weekend and stayed in the In-laws timeshare. We ate, hiked, swam,  watched movies, ate, and  finished it off with eating a nice dinner where we got dressed up!

April 28th 2009- We celebrated our 2nd Anniversary and my husband took me to a Brazilian Steak House! Yes, I was eating for 2!

April 28th 2010- Just the 2 of us celebrated our 3rd Anniversary! My husband surprised me with a night get away to Magic Mountain! We wanted to be kids again after having one!

April 28th 2011-  We celebrated our 4th Anniversary! My husband surprised me with some museum, aquarium, foot massage, and good food fun! I was 38 weeks pregnant with Baby #2!

5 Things I Learned in 5 Years:

1. Date my Husband- flirt, have fun, compliment, smile, laugh and get know each other more & deeper.
2. Respect my Husband- love & respect goes hand and hand. At the end of each day I want to be loved and he wants to be respected.
3. Listen & Empathize with my Husband-When he shares his struggles  he does not expect me to have the answers & solutions.
4. Respond to my Husband- When he offends me respond with good communication. Reacting with anger, frustration, and malice is not the way to go.
5. Pray with my Husband- praying for my husband  helps me to love & understand him more. It also brings us closer to each other and God.

We'll see what the Hubby has planned this year!?!?
Click here to see what I made my hubby for the Anniversary!

Friday, April 27, 2012

5 year Anniversary Gift

Tomorrow my husband and I will officially be married for 5 years! I wanted to give something to my Man from my heart and made from my hands. After a day of brainstorming I came up with this:

Black Wood Frame: 5 years is wood
A small picture: One of my husbands favorite from a photo booth
10 nickels: They represent 5 years! I am also excited to celebrate 50 years with him one day(5centsx10=50)!
Red wrapping paper: symbolizes Love!
Black Heart:Even in the dark times I love him!
Two sided Tape: I want our relationship to stick forever!

Come here to see the progression of our 5 years and the top 5 things I have learned in marriage thus far!!!

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Monday, April 23, 2012

Mommy Get-Away

 My husband asked if I was going to blog about my Mommy Get-Away as we were on the way to the airport, last Saturday. I did not even think before I replied " you know it!".

 My very sweet husband INSISTED I go alone to my friends wedding, after he found out he could not make it due to work. He actually had to convince me that I deserved a weekend to myself and that him &the kids would be just fine!

 Here is a specific recap of my weekend:
7:00am- Alarm clock went off
7:05am- Naired the lip & chin
7:15 am - Painted my toes red
7:20am- Curled my hair & put make-up on
7:50am- Got dressed(showered the night before)
8:00am- Completed last load of laundry
8:15am- Unloaded and then loaded dishwasher
8:30am- Woke baby girl up and nursed her
8:45am -finished packing
9:00am- We loaded kids in the car, in their pjs & Husband took a picture of me in my outfit

What I Wore:

Blouse: Target
Skirt: Target
Sandals: Steve Madden
Necklace: JcPenny's
Bracelet: Christmas gift from Mom
Earrings: Target

9:10am-In the car eating fiber bar & bananna and drinking coffee the husband prepared
9:35am-At the airport. Husband prayed for me, I took a pic of my cuties & gave them all a kiss 

10:30am-Plane takes off & quiet time with God
11:55am-Plane landed in sunny San Diego and I picked up the rental car
01:00pm- Had Sushi with my lovely friends Andrea and Yolanda

02:30pm-Got a fun Manicure

03:20pm-Got my eyebrows threaded

04:00pm- Arrived at Ashley's house, who would be hosting me for the weekend
4:45pm- Took a well needed nap
06:00pm- Went to Islands for dinner with Ashley. We devoured & shared a burger, fries, and some good tortilla soup!
07:30pm- Back at my friends Ashley's home to chill with her lovely family. I also had to pump milk( A mothers responsibilities never comes to a complete pause).
10:30pm Karaoke with the Bride-To-Be and Friends

0130am- Pump again & Night Night
0800 Pump again and then off to breakfast with my lovely friend  Kathy

945am Walk around the Lake with my terrific BF(Best Friend)

1115am Bubble bath(don't know when the last time I took one of these...before I had kids!)

1245pm Lunch with my darling friend Emily

300pm Got dressed for the wedding. Then I went to go get my make-up done by Bare Escentuals!

500pm Wedding Time!

What I Wore:
Dress: Ross $12!!!!!!!!
Tights: Betsy Johnson
Purple Shoes: Burlington

1159pm-Pump again and then Night Night
0800am- Pump again and then I said my Goodbye to my wonderful Host Family. I thanked them for their lovely hospitality!
0830am- Breakfast with my sweet friend & her precious babies!

1045am- Returned the much appreciated rental car, that got me safe to all my destinations!

What I Wore:

Shirt: Target
Skirts: Target
Shoes (that you can't see): Toms

1155am Flight takes off and time to go home!
0230pmThis Mommy's Get-Away was all over! She was all smiles & refreshed to see her babies!

Momma Go Round pleated poppy

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Favorite Things: Visiting SD

I lived in San Diego for 10 years!
 I moved there to go to SDSU for my nursing degree. I established a community of friends, met my Husband, and even started a family in San Diego. My husband and I chose to move back home(both of our families live in northern California)last year as our family was expanding, to be close to our very helpful family members. It was one of the best decisions that we ever made in our marriage, but one of the hardest. We love San Diego and miss our friends dearly. 2 months ago we made a trip to San Diego with my family for my Best Friend's birthday party. We gave my family a little tour around the city and it was so fun!
This weekend one of my friends is getting married in San Diego. My husband can't make it due to work. I was willing to take at least one of the kids with me. My husband is insisting that I leave both of them behind, with him. He stated, " You work so hard Mothering our kids, taking care of me, and being a Nurse. I want you to enjoy yourself and have a great weekend with your friends!".Why is it so bittersweet leaving my favorite people in the world to visit my favorite place, where my favorite friends will be?

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