Monday, August 1, 2011

2 year old Birthday Party- Mickey Mouse Birthday Party!

My Lil Warrior is 2 years old. I can't believe it! I know it is cliche, but they really do grow up so fast. Since "the mouse" is a pretty big deal in our house, I decided to throw a Mickey Mouse party for JJ. One thing I love about being a Mommy is that I am able let my crafty side grow and be of some use. I enjoyed working on this party for 2 weeks , staying in a budget, and seeing JJ's face light up every time I made something new in  recognition of Mickey Mouse. JJ consistently  pointed at the Mickey Mouse creations and  said  "Mickey Mouse" loud  and proud. We invited family and friends to JJ's "Oh Two dles" themed birthday party and now I am inviting you. Here are some pics(click on pics to get a better view) from the party and some of the things I made to go with our Mickey Theme!( Welcome Sign above: Materials: Black foam(dollar general), yellow card board(Joann fabrics), markers(had them already) and yellow yarn(Joann Fabrics)=$3)
Can't have a Mickey Mouse Party without Mickey Ears! Hats purchased from Boswell Party store for $3 and black foam from Dollar General(also used for birthday sign and ears on JJ's picture) for $1= $4!

The "Sweet Table" had our dessert, red and black twizzlers, and yellow lemon heads. I used tissue paper, yarn, and table cloth to keep color scheme.  Materials and candy purchased from Dollar General!

Grandma D (Wes' Mom)made these Mickey chocolate chip cookies. Found cookie cutter on EBay for $3!

For the cake(not the greatest pic), we went simple and I made Mickey Cupcakes. I got the idea from Disney Family. The red cupcake liners were purchased at Target in a primary color pack in the baking aisle. I cheated and used store bought frosting. Oreo' s(regular and the tiny ones), cake batter, frosting, cupcake liners, vegetable oil, and eggs all purchased at target. 50 cupcakes $17!

The banner was cut out on red poster board, and then the mickey heads were black poster board. I pasted on white buttons made out of paper and put it all together with yellow yarn. To do the mickey stickers on cups, I cut out black vinyl . Vinyl purchased from Michael s for $2.99 and cups from Dollar General.

 Red and yellow paper I purchased at Dollar Tree.
Each utensil bundle had a spoon and a fork of black and yellow and the red napkins were tied with black yarn and a white paper mickey head. Mickey Heads were left over from when vinyl was taken off white paper.

I made this cute subway art on Word just changed fonts and colors. Found Mickey Picture online and printed it out. Purchased frame from Dollar general. I love how this turned out!  I used some sayings that are special to us, as well as some Mickey Mouse sayings. 
This Mickey and Minnie Cut-Out was also a hit. I just used Styrofoam board, a sharp knife, and fun making and taking pictures in this! Price $1 for foam board!
I made these centerpieces out of styrofoam balls, black spay paint, toothpicks, a wooden stick, ribbon and a little hot glue. It was a labor of love.

I also  made this pinata !This was the high light of the party for these little ones! I made pinata out of Costco Diaper box, tape, black tissue paper, black crepe paper, scissors, and glue. The entire cost of the pinata and contents to fill it was only $20(this includes good candy  from costco i.e snicker, m&m, and etc)  !  Easy Peasy!'

JJ's Outfit- Made by NaNa T(My Mom)
The shirt was from Marshalls and she sewed the the hand on using white fabric. How many fingers does Mickey have? Four! 

The shorts were on clearance she had  picked up at target. Sewed on Mickey's "buttons" with a yellow fabric. Quick, and very inexpensive(per my Mom), plus super comfortable for him to play in that day as well.

For the birthday song I cut out some of the black vinyl in the shape of Mickey and placed it on JJ's Bib! The " Oh "Two" dles JJ "sign was made from left over material from the birthday sign . Materials from Dollar General and Yarn Joan Fabrics. Cost $3!
 I will be printing my blog out for the year so I wanted to say something to JJ:

2 years ago on July 22nd I gave birth to my son JJ! He is a friend to everyone. Loves life every minute of the day. Is smarter than I ever imagined. And never misses a beat. Loves to dance with his mommy. Thinks his daddy is Superman. And shows interest every once in a while to his little 2 month old Sister. He has taught me how to live life in the moment and made me smile at least 100 times every day of his little life. I am so blessed, proud and happy to call him my son. You are so loved JJ. Happy Birthday baby boy!

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mel @ the larson lingo said...

So cute!! Love all the details! Great job! Happy 2nd birthday JJ!

Anonymous said...

What thrifty,Wise,Fun and Loving parents God has given to Sir JJ and Madame Jo Jo. Jonnique thank you for allowing us to share in our grandbabies' lives. (And yours and Wes' also) It's times like these that makes us really miss living in Calif. but I must say, the blog you and Wes share, makes it much easier. I can tell from the stories your pictures tells, that you both LOVE being parents. PLEASE continue to savour every moment Jonnique. This blog is a valuable treasure to JJ and JoJo. We Love You all from the bottom of our hearts and are so proud of you and your beautiful family. Oh yeah! I didn't see the big teddy bear that JJ love so much?? Dad and Frances