Monday, October 31, 2011

Costumes, Candy, and Cuteness!

It's that time again of the year to dress up, eat sweets, and admire everyone in their costumes. I enjoy this time of the year so much more now that I have kids. 2 weeks ago I found costumes for the kids 1/2 off! Did not know when and where they were going to wear them but I could not pass them up. We especially bought them because each costume represents the kids and their particular stages in life right now.

 JJ was a Hamburger. Why was this fitting for him? JJ is currently going through the "Terrible Twos". Each day we do not what type of Hamburger is going to wake up. We can get a bold and spicy one(attitude), one with pineapple on it(a sweet boy), or one that is medium rare(grumpy with moments of joy).

JoJo was a Strawberry. She is simply Sweet and Plump on each and everyday. We feel really blessed to have such a sweet tempered and easy going baby. SWEET!

 What would you know? Uncle T invited us over to his neighborhood Carnival down the street. It was a great set-up, the kids costumes were cute, and  we thought the sweets were delish(except for JoJo)!

 We then went to Great Aunt Kit's and Uncle Dennis' House. JJ played  when them and in their backyard, still wearing his costume! JoJo was tired from the previous activities and slept.

On Halloween we were invited us to a Halloween Park Party. My friend that we do play-dates with was hosting it. It was so so fun! She did a great job with picking a great park, serving healthy snacks,giving out pumpkins, and favor bags. We had a costume great time. JJ had a wonderful nap after it was all over! 

Who needs to Trick or Treat after all of this? Not us! Instead we passed out Candy to the Trick or Treaters.

Friday, October 28, 2011


Another InstaFriday! Linking up with pictures from my camera phone throughout the week!
JoJo is still a great walking companion!  I captured a picture of our shadow from one of our walks this week.

My husband had to dress up for school( his Master's Program) as something that represents him! He loves Christian Rap!

JJ went to the Pumpkin Patch for the first time! You can read about it here!

My Big Boy has been sleeping in lately.I think he is going through a growth spurt because he has been having an increased appetite too!

 JJ had a play date at Super of our favorite places now!
In love with making this Salad this week.

JoJo will be crawling any day now. I caught her scooting this week!

Helping JJ eat and when am I suppose to eat?

JJ loved counting pumpkins this week.

We were trying to let JJ be more independent on the stairs this week.

I took both of the kids to the park this week. Very fun!

JoJo and I matched this week!

 Appreciating that JoJo is not wearing shoes yet. It has been a chore for us to find JJ the right shoes in this season. A picture of JoJo and I trying to wait patiently as Wes helped JJ try on shoes.
JoJo wore a purple dress to favorite color!
JJ fell asleep in the car on the way home from church. Which meant his nap was going to be non existing when we got home.

Had fun making these cute pumpkins, that sit on our dresser for the Fall season!

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