Monday, October 10, 2011

Loosing weight after Pregnancy

Before I begin this blog I would like to say Happy 5 months to my sweet Baby Girl! Carrying this sweet Baby Girl I gained 30lbs in my last pregnancy. I read that on average it takes celebrities 3 months to loose their baby weight and non-celebrities(people like me) 9 months. Well, I thought I would challenge myself and have the goal of loosing my pregnancy weight at the 5 month mark. Today the 5 month weigh in was conducted.  Drum-roll please................... I am still 3 pounds away from my goal. At first glance at the scale I was a bit bitter. Nevertheless, I am choosing to stay focus. Now the new goal is to loose it ALL by the holidays. I will continue with my same regimen.  Here are some acknowledgments to what has helped me get this far on the scale:

These running shoes feels so good and light. They motivate to run and walk. With two kids I only run about once a week.

Since I can't run consistently I walk 3-4 times a week with the kids. This App allows me to calculate how far I have walked and how many calories I have burned.

Studies show that you burn 20 calories for every ounce of breast milk that is produced. This pump is allowing me to have a successful nursing experience. I use it 2-3 a week to keep my milk production flowing while at work.

This is by far my favorite non-fat Greek Yogurt. I believe non-fat yogurt helped me take away all my tummy fat with my first born and is helping me shed away after this pregnancy too. I read about a study conducted with two groups. Group A was Yogurt Eaters on a weight loss plan and Group B was Non Yogurt Eaters on the same weight loss plan. Group A(Yogurt Eaters) loss 81% more belly fat than Group B(Non Yogurt Eaters)!
This is my Great Double Stroller. Without  it I would not be able to walk with both kids. With my weight loss app I take a 1 mile route to the park(we stop and play) and the same route back . The goal at hand is to walk 2 miles 3-4 times a week.
When the weather is not great and I can't get out the house this Treadmill is my work-out saver. It's parked in the garage. I have learned that you burn more calories when on incline status. I walk 2 miles on a complete incline when I workout.  I jump on it when the kid(s) are sleep and/or JoJo is watching me. I try to always remember to stretch!
A well balanced diet has been a good key. I always buy lean meats and try to add fish to the menu. I have to make sure I do not cheat myself on any calories because I am nursing. I just make sure they are healthy calories the majority of the time.

An encouraging Husband also motivates me. He tells me that I can do it and even if I don't loose my pregnancy weight he will still love me the same. His active life-style of working out also challenges me.

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    Jonnique, Way to go! Looking Good!