Saturday, June 29, 2013

A Bridal Shower for my Sister

Last Saturday my Mom, Sister, and I threw my baby Sister a Bridal Shower!!! It was exciting to celebrate my Sister and her union and also to host my 1st Shower at my house.

I decided to go with Black & White decor since the Brides dress is usually white and the Groom usually wears black.

To keep it simple but nice we decided to go with Salads for our main food options.
Fruit Salad

Apple & Walnut Green Salad
Brocoli Salad


Veggie & Dips

Wings and Biscuits

Centerpieces were roses from my garden in a lace wrapped mason jar.

For my last 2 parties and this shower I have been enjoying placing dollar store table cloths on the ceiling. I really put my husband to work because he was the one who placed all the decorations up I just directed since I am still having neck pain here and there.

My husband also place this balloons on ceiling after I placed pictures of the bride and groom on them.

The Bride loved it!

Tissue Pom Poms are so fun and easy so I decided to decorate my whole living room with them.

This bridal dress made out of homemade cupcakes also turned out just how envisioned it!

The ladies also thought they were delicious! We made 50 cupcakes for only $10!

My Mom made peacock fans for the shower favors. They turned out so cute and I was quite impressed. The wedding reception them is peacock, so how cute!

For drinks my older Sis made some fruit water out of mint, strawberry, and oranges. We also offered lemonade, limeade, strawberry rita's, and limaritas.

After everyone had something to drink and eat we headed to the deck to play 4 Bridal games.

This game was called the Bridal Dress game:
I gave all the ladies a paper plate to write their names on the back of it. I then instructed them to draw a bridal dress on the top of their head without looking & in 2 minutes.

It was quite funny to see all the dress designs.

I then laid all the dresses out for display after the 2 minutes.

My Sis then picked the dress she would wear to her wedding and thats how the winner was picked.

After all 4 games we went in the house to enjoy the yummy cupcakes and open the gifts!

We all enjoyed seeing the bride open wedding items, 

gift cards,

and of course intimate items!

Last but not least we headed to the front yard for pics,


and more pics!

This picture is a pic of 2 of my Mom sisters, my mom, my sisters, and 2 cousins!

My Sister cried after opening her gifts because she was overwhelmed by all the love and effort my Mom, Sis, and I put into the shower!

Not only was my Sis satisfied with her Bridal shower but so were the hostessess with the mostessess!!!

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Fathers Day 2013

This is our 3rd year celebrating Mr. Wonderful in honor of his fatherhood! After 3 years I think I have figured how how he wants his Father's Day to go, since the kids are unable to plan at this time.

1. We let him sleep-in. The kids woke up so I got up with them and closed our bedroom door as Mr. Wonderful snoozed away. I fed the kids and explained to them that it was Father's Day!

2. He loves words of encouragement. I made a Father's Day card directing him to this post, where I wrote about the amazing fathering characteristics that he bestows. The kids drew pictures to go along with the Fathers Day card.

3. He loves good homemade food. I made some pumpkin pancakes with a Dad banner display.

4. He loves to sleep in as long as possible. We finally couldn't wait and ran into the bedroom yelling "Happy Fathers Day". We handed him his card, pictures, and yummy pancakes.

5. He loves to relax with his Wife & kids in the morning. I served us coffee in the bed while the kids set in between & on the side of us watching Mickey on the iPad and playing iPhone games. I took this moment to verbally express my appreciation for him as the wonderful father to my kids.

6. He enjoys a break from the kids to lounge on the couch & watch TV After our family session of cartoons, breakfast, and coffee the kids and I got dressed. I then took the kids out the house for a couple of hours.

7. One of his love languages is acts of service. While out with kids I went to purchase his Fathers Day gift for his father. Yes, I know it sounds bad. He told me what he wanted to get his father and I was the runner. His Dad loves to fish & enjoys peanut brittle. The kids and I ran to go get a gift card to a fishing store and to the See's candy store for their Papa. I will say that he did personally pick out his own Fathers Day card for his Dad a couple days prior!

8. My husband enjoys eating a healthy and light lunch. On our way back from getting Papa's fathers day gift we stop and got Daddy & the rest of the family smoothies for lunch. Yes my husband was still in his Pjs when we returned!

9. My husband enjoys family time outside. On the backyard deck we drank our smoothies and eat cheese quesadillas that I prepared.

At this time he thanked me. He told me that this was his best father's day ever, because it was just how he envisioned his day going!

10. Mr. Wonderful likes to celebrate his father on Fathers day too. The rest of the day he spent time with his father at his parents house. They watched the playoff game and enjoyed some Barbecue!

Sunday, June 16, 2013

More than a Father

Definition of a Father (from an online dictionary): a male person whose sperm unites with an egg, resulting in the conception of a child.

When I think and look at my kid's father I see much more than this online definition.

I see a man who loves his children unconditionally.

I man that my kids can't get enough of & want to be around all the time.

A man who the kids want to be like because they see so much awesomeness displayed by him.

A man that takes time to share and explain life with his kids.

A man that his kids feel joy & comfort when in his presence.

A man that my Kids get the honor to call Daddy.

My Definition of my kids father: an amazing human being, who encourages everyday, nurtures gracefully, displays Gods love, and is nothing but a blessing and example. He teaches his kids the ways of the Lord.