Sunday, June 9, 2013

I miss DIYing:Changing table turned small pantry

At first  I was very upset with this piece of furniture a.k.a  used to be my son's changing table. The color use to be a natural wood. It came with 3 drawers and the one cabinet space that is still in place.We purchased it from BabiesRus 4 years ago and it only gave us a good couple of months. The drawers would always get off track and after 3 years the drawers started to breakapart. I know furniture is not suppose to last forever but I thought that this piece should of lasted a little bit longer.

My husband had it in the garage trying to think of how we could get rid of it and then an idea popped in my head.
I was already looking for a small storage unit to keep items that were bulky from Costco. I realized that with some paint and material(stapled over where the horrible drawers onced lived) I could revive this wood structure to live in our kitchen!!!

This changing table turned into a small pantry was the last project I completed before my injury from a car accident. The car accident has left me with arm and hand pain that disables me to do things like this...for now. When I look at this in my kitchen I get mixed emotions. I love it & loved making it, but I terribly miss DIYing and transforming things with my hands. In this season of life I have to listen to my body and lay projects like this down. I am believing God to heal my neck injury completely, so that I will no longer have pain in my hands and arms. He can do it! I know he can!
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Sistergirl said...

You did a great job

Anonymous said...

Your DIYing-now-small-pantry is sooo representative of you...creative, res=
ourceful and beautiful...good blog Nique...and, yes, God will heal in His ti=
me...I am praying it is soon. Love, Donna