Wednesday, December 28, 2011

4 Days of Christmas

 We had 4 great days of Christmas. It was JoJo's lst!  The kids got spoiled, we got spoiled, and we spoiled each other and our families with love and presents. We enjoyed celebrating the Birth of Jesus Christ with Family and Friends!

Day 1 the 23rd- The beginning of the Christmas marathon started with us having Appetizers at my Brother and Sister In-laws house and then we headed down the street to have dinner at Aunt Kits House. We started on the 23rd because the Brother and Sister In-law was going to be out of town on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day.

We ate....

opened a few presents....

completed JJ's advent calendar...
we sung Happy Birthday to Jesus and ate dessert...

 and then got entertained by JJ and his athletic abilities!!!

It was great to experience this Christmas with the Brother and Sister In-law even if it was not  on the 25th. Time together is time together!

Day 2 the 24th- My Aunt on my Mom's side of the family hosted her Annual Christmas Eve Party/Family Talent Show. 

We were so busy visiting talking, taking pictures, eating, and having fun that we did not do a whole lot of talent. My Mom, Sisters, and I did get our singing on and it was not a perfect tune but perfect fun and laughs!!!

 Day 3 the 25th- We started the morning with reading JJ and JoJo the story of the Birth of Jesus . It warmed my heart to sit down do this as a family of 4.

Then the  In laws all got together for Breakfast and the opening of gifts.

We then traveled to my Sisters house for dinner and round 2 of opening gifts with my side of the family.

Wes and I did not get JJ and JoJo anything because we knew they would get spoiled by both families and their God-mother! I was 100% correct! We know we will have many years when the kids get older and have personal Christmas list to spoil them!

Day 4 the 26th- We hosted a breakfast for all of our local and San Diego college friends that were visiting in the Bay Area. It was so fun catching up over pancakes, grits, eggs, bacon, fruit, donuts, muffins, and Christmas cookies. When the breakfast was over we were over whelmed by our full stomachs and all the love & fun !

What a memorable 4 Days of Christmas. I am so looking forward to next year! I love Christmas. I will miss all the decorations, Christmas music, Christmas cards, and making it a point to acknowledge the birth of Christ.