Friday, May 31, 2013

Looking in my closet 1st!

Lately I have been feeling like I really need more clothes. Does this feeling ever go away!? The problem is that in this season Mr. Wonderful and I are trying to save money. I have decided before I go summer shopping to look deep into my closet. I have used Pinterest to help me look.

I thought about this black skirt after spotting a black skirt roaming on Pinterest.

Black Skirt: Target
Top: NewYork &Company
Necklace: jcpenney

Here is the skirt I spotted on the lovely Pinterest:

Dear Kate helped me remember my purple pumps!!! I love hers & my own!!!

Purple Pumps: Burlington
Black Dress:Express
Black Cardigan: JcPenney
Necklace: Macy
Earrings: Old Navy

We had our 1st Barbecue in our backyard on Memorial Day and I wanted to wear shorts. The picture above reminded me of my denim jeans.

Denim Shorts & Top: Target
Necklace & Earrings: Target
Wedges: Burlington

I will keep on pinning in hopes to stop spending!!! My husband loves to hear that! Thank you Pinterest! I love Fashionistas Follow me & I'll follow you back!!! 

Tuesday, May 28, 2013

My Husband The Graduate

Last month was a big month for the Bell family!!!

My husband received his Masters in Psychology!!!!!!

Words really can't express how proud I am of him.

He not only did it but he did it well.

He had a busy and very stressful last 2 years.

He had a 2 hour commute to school, a 1.5 hour commute to his internship, and long hours of school work.

One thing that he never forgot in the midst of it was his family.

I never felt second towards his school work and I am pretty sure the kids did not either.

He would leave the house sometimes at 7 am and return close to 11pm.

He would always call the kids and I throughout the day with sweet messages and to check on us.

On his days off or when he would get off early he made sure to make us all feel important with his acts, words, love. We are so glad that we will have him more physically present .

The day before the graduation we took a 3 hour drive to the campus in Redding, Ca( my husband studied at the extension).

There was a reception for my husband and his Cohort the Eve of their graduation. Yes, he was one of only two guys in his class(the other guy was not able to make the reception).

It was nice to see him get personally recognized.

The kids wanted to show him some attention too!

My family and the In-laws enjoyed meeting his professors and classmates in the sun.

It was hot!

Afterwards we went to a local pizza spot.

Let's just say the place and the people were pretty interesting.
One of the songs that was song on the open mic went like this: "My life sucks, my life sucks,my life sucks....".

I researched it before we went and the place got 5 stars on yelp!?
The kids loved it and the pizza was great !!!

The next day after the graduation we went to a Steakhouse and it was really nice!!!

Everyone loved this place and the food.

We took time to honor the graduate with gifts.

He in return gave a great speech of gratitude.

It was a nice traveling event for my husband 's graduation.

 We were so amazed that our family took time out of their schedules to make a weekend trip.

The next day was our 6 th Anniversary so we were able to leave the kids with their grandparents.

 Mr. Wonderful and I drove to San Francisco for a 2 night stay in celebration of 6 amazing years!!!!

Thursday, May 23, 2013

Dinner and Bocce Ball!!!

Last Weekend we had some great Bell fun with Dinner and Bocce Ball. 2 Christmases ago we(my family and Bro-In-law family)all went in on a gift certificate to Campo di Bocce for my In-Laws.

Life and coordinating everyone's schedule got a little hectic, so time passed us by. It became a little joke of when or if they would ever enjoy their 2011 Christmas gift. My In-laws waited so patiently.
I now can say it was well worth the wait!
The food & drinks were awesome.

I think i had the best Lemon drop ever.

My kids ate yummy calamari for the first time!

The salad made me feel a little healthy because

I totally had too many pieces of tasty pizza!!!

My MIL and FIL both enjoyed playing Bocce Ball

and eating dinner with their two sons,

two daughter In-laws(one with child, not me),

and two grandkids!

Everyone else enjoyed the experience too!!!

The Bell Family will totally be going back!!!
From Grandma With Love