Friday, February 24, 2012

Partying in White...

and my Best Friend in Red!!! Last weekend my BFF celebrated God bringing her into her 30's with friends and style....white style! My best friend looked stunning and stood out in her red! I thought it was perfect!

What exactly is a white party? A white party is a party that you are invited to attend with one guideline...wear white!!! It makes it fun, uniformed, and looks great in pictures.

 Can you tell that one of my favorite things to take is pictures!? Especially with my new camera(canon rebel t3i). When my husband gave me this camera for Christmas I wanted to enjoy taking pictures of my family and also bless others. I was very excited when I got this text from my BFF the morning of her party:

"looking forward to seeing you. Is that camera all charged up. I want to be sure my party makes it to the blog. :)"

I took over 250 pics at the party! I will share 30 of my favorites in honor of LaDonna's 30th All White Party! Enjoy!

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Monday, February 13, 2012

love on a budget

For the last couple of years I have been in charge of Valentines Day and my husband our Anniversary! I always like to go all out to illustrate my love for my Valentine! This year I wanted to see if I could do it on a budget.  I wanted to make my husband proud that I could touch his heart without touching deep down in our pockets !

1. I made him a Valentines breakfast ! Fruit presented in a heart and bacon and pancakes in the shape of a heart! 

2. I found this great card at the Dollar Spot! It really was perfect. My husband knows that I love me some coffee! God and Coffee gets me through the day!

3. I made these roses out of Hershey Kisses, craft sticks, and green colored tape!

4. I purposely saved gift cards we got from Christmas! These provided a great Date Night. The Crusted Catfish and the Safe House was the!

5. I arranged a free babysitter i.e.Grandma

6. I personalized and packaged some Heart Candy!

7. I told my husband I thought is was raining and to open the blinds in the bedroom....

it was raining everything I love about him!

8. I dressed up in his favorite outfit for our Valentines Date and gave him a free kiss!

9. I presented him with a Valentines Photo shoot of our baby Girls 1st Valentines!

10. I told him I love him(like I do everyday) and told him we only came out of our pockets $ 20 for EVERYTHING ! Hopefully he did not do much damage in his gift for me.....

Thursday, February 9, 2012

9 Months old!?!

JoJo you still are the sweetest baby EVER! You rarely cry and can produce a smile at any moment. You love to be around your family and just people in general. When we leave you alone then we hear a cry! Baby Girl, in the profession that Mommy works in I see and hear about sick babies all the time. I do not take it lightly or for granted that you are accomplishing each milestone and that you are healthy!

You have moved on from the wounded solider crawl and now use your hands and knees! We leave and we can bet that you are following fast behind us!

You have also mastered standing up with the assistance of an object or a person!

You had your 9 month appointment this week! 
You weigh 17lbs and 11 oz(32 %) and you are 27.25 inches(43%)! 
You got one vaccination and cried for a moment and then turned to the nurse and smiled. It was so sweet, just like you!

Dr L was very happy with your verbal and physical skills! You are saying both Mama and Dada. It makes me and your Daddy smile all the time! You also babble, clap your hands, and wave a whole lot!

Dr L. was not worried at all that you do not have a single tooth, unlike your father who wants you to get 1 soon!

No teeth does not keep you from tasting everything you can get your hands on! Baby girl, you also have no shame in showing off your pretty pink gums!

This pictures makes me realize that you will be running around the corner before we know it, like your big brother does 24/7! This picture also makes me sad, because once again I am seeing you grow-up too fast. It also reminds me that it is time to start planning your 1st Birthday Party!