Tuesday, February 2, 2010

JJ met his Texas family for the first time...it was a surprise for Papa John!

JJ had many "1st time" experiences this last week:
1. He had his first airplane ride: Mommy and JJ flew all the way to
Dallas,Texas. The flight attendents and other passengers said that he was the perfect and cutest little passenger. Mommy would have to agree.
2. He met his Texas family: The whole family was in on surprising Papa John(Jonnique's Dad). Papa John was just about to dose off around 11:00pm when NaNa Briggs showed him a picture of JJ on the phone and said "JJ looks so much like Wes,look at this picture". Then about ten minutes later(when we arrived from the airport) Nana Frances brought JJ in their bedroom and said"John who does this baby look like?" Papa John looked so confused and then behind them came Jonnique, into the room. Papa Briggs screamed like a little boy and covered his mouth. With all the excitement from everybody screaming JJ got startled and cried really loud. It took a while for JJ to calm down, but it was all worth the special moment the whole family shared together.
3. JJ played in his new swing and highchair: Papa John and Nana Frances was so excited to have JJ that they bought him a brand new swing and highchair. Papa John woke up the next morning and picked them both out all by himself.
4. JJ attended a Texas Country Western Banquet: The whole family(Papa John, NaNa Frances, Franiesha(JJ's Aunt), James(JJ's Uncle), Johnathan(JJ's Uncle), and DJ(JJ's cousin)) took JJ to this Banquet while Mommy rested from being jet lagged. Mommy was told later that Papa John let JJ suck on a chicken bone and that JJ really enjoyed it.
5. JJ went to church with Nana Frances: Nana Frances and Auntie Franiesha really wanted to show off JJ to their church family, so he attended a morning service with them last Sunday. They said he was a good baby and only wined when they changed his diaper!
6. JJ celebrated with his Uncle James for his 12th Birthday: JJ shared the whole day with his Uncle James as he turned the big 12. JJ fell asleep as the family sang the 2 versions of the Happy Birthday song and Uncle James blew out his candles.
7. JJ got a little taste of Papa John's farm animals: Papa John's mama chicken had birthed baby chicks so Papa John brought some in the house for JJ to see and pet. JJ also got to see Papa John's horses, goats, and rabbits from the house window.
8. JJ got to see Mommy relax Texas style: Nana Frances and Auntie Franisha was so excited to have JJ in the house, so they held, played, fed, changed, and rocked JJ to sleep for Mommy.