Monday, January 30, 2012

My Camera's 1st Wedding

Last week we traveled to southern California for a wedding. Our friend Chris was marrying his beautiful Bride. Chris is a great guy that is now married to a wonderful woman! We became friends with Chris in college, he was once my Husband's housemate, and was the videographer for our Wedding. We were so excited to get an invitation to his wedding and be able to make it! I was also thrilled because it would be the 1st time my camera was in attendance at a wedding! Here are some pictures to enjoy from the beautiful union!

Congratulations Chris and Bernadette! We are so happy for your beautiful union!

Friday, January 27, 2012

Baby Love...

I will have to admit that I miss being pregnant, okay just a lil bit. With my last pregnancy I had the pleasure of being pregnant with one of my dear friends. It was fun to share the journey with such a wonderful person ! Even though we now reside in Northern California and she still resides in Southern we were able to share our pregnancy journey with each other miles away. The picture above was from her Northern Cali Baby Shower(their family lives close to us). She was 31 weeks and I was 33 weeks pregnant!
These are the proud Daddy's! Our baby girl and their baby boy was around 3 months and meeting for the first time!

Now these 2 munchkins are 8 months old! Their parents are chasing them around the room as they crawl, climb, and try to put EVERYTHING in their mouth. We were honored last week when our friends opened up their home and showed us some lovely overnight hospitality! It was also so fun watching these two roll around and play that I had to snap,snap,and snap away!

They even had a pretty Lady come over and add her spice to the fun!

We shall see if this Lil Man and Lil Lady will find more interest in each other 20 something years from now....I am just saying that it is a possibility!!!

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Tuesday, January 24, 2012

What I Wore Wednesday

I wore this to a wedding last weekend:

My Mom thought of me when she spotted this dress at Ross for $15. My Necklace was purchased from Target on clearance for $4.99

Got my favorite color pumps from Burlington for $19.99

I wore this Saturday outfit a couple of weeks ago:

                                           I love these skinny Mossimo jeans from Target($24.99)

This long sleeve white shirt is also from Target($5.99) and the Armore shirt is from....Target($9.99) too!

Toms from Nordstrom (gift from Aunt In-law)

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Monday, January 23, 2012

3 Things I Love at 1 Time

Last Saturday my husband and I had a wedding in the L.A. Area to attend. The hotel accommodations we desired was available for Saturday but not for Friday. My husband then came up with the brilliant idea of making a trip to San Diego on Friday and then leaving Saturday afternoon for the wedding. I was so excited to do 3 things I love:
1. Be in the city that I dearly miss
2. See my beautiful friends faces
3. Eat at one of my favorite places

I soon then got very anxious because I did not know how we were going to do this all in one night. Then a light bulb went off in my head! Which in turn made me send this Event Invite to my SD folks, on Facebook:

"We will be in town for just one night:( We miss SD, Soup Plantation, and you! We would love to experience all 3 at once. Let us know if you and yours are available to join because if we get a total of 20 people we can have a private room to dine! Would hate to pass through town and not give you a BIG hug!!!"

On Friday we rolled off the freeway at exactly 615 pm into San Diego! These are the pictures that were taken in my favorite city, with exactly 21 of my favorite people, and at one of my favorite restaurants!