Thursday, January 12, 2012


 I love purple and I am so excited about this purple Coffee mug that I used all week. A gift from my Father In-law!

 This girl smiles when ever I say "Hey JoJo!". We were on our way to see our Cousin that got released from the hospital!
 This boy carries his "baby"(teadybear) EVERYWHERE!
 While visiting my Mom this week my brother(Uncle Von) gave JJ his 1st Red Vine...he is in love!
 JoJo got to play with her Girl Cousins while at my Mom's this precious!
 1st day at the park after a 3 week break due to weather. He was one happy guy!
 JJ playing with his slippers he got from my Mom for CHRISTMAS
 A pic of a healthy snack we had this week: Grapes and Veggie Sticks!
JoJo loves bath time!

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Hattie said...

Just stopping by from Insta-Friday! Your kiddos are too cute! Love that purse too, great deal!!!