Sunday, January 1, 2012

New Year and New Camera

I love taking pictures. All my family and friends know that I will always have my camera handy and ready for any and every occasion. For Christmas I had 3 things on my Christmas List 1. Canon Rebel 2. Canon Rebel 3. Canon Rebel. To my surprise(wink, wink) on Christmas Night I unwrapped my new Canon Rebel T3i from my Sweet Husband!!! I decided to finish 2011 off strong with my Canon Point and Shoot because it has been so good to me capturing so many memories over the last 4 years. I took my new camera out of its box after the New Years and I have been like a kid with a new toy snapping away! I have so much to learn but I am already having so much fun! Here are a couple shots that I have captured over the last couple of days.

JoJo waking up one day this week and her response to Mommy saying "good morning"!

The story of the my kids life in this season... JJ plays and JoJo watches his every move!

JJ being the fun character that he is everyday!


Anonymous said...

Love these pics Nique! Rebel Revolution takin' over. Your kids so remind me of mine!

Leah Schulz

Simply Tasheena said...

Thanks for sharing your lovely pictures, with your new camera.

~Mrs. Delightful