Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Big Boy Bed Initiation

The day has finally come! My husband and I finally got brave and transitioned JJ out of his crib. This was very hard because we felt comfort knowing exactly where JJ was during nap and bedtime....his crib! A Big Boy Bed creates many more possible locations. However, we also realized that we could not keep him in the crib forever. Plus JJ has been requesting to "night night in a big bed". We finally gave in and had a Big Boy Bed Initiation:
1. After his bath the Big Boy brushed his teeth by himself.

2. The Big Boy picked out the books he wanted to read for bedtime.

3. The Big Boy chose what animals and pillows he wanted to accompany him to his Big Boy territory.

4. We prayed and talked with the Big Boy, explaining what we expected. We said goodnight and love you to the Big Boy.

5. We left the Big Boy alone in his new bed, turned off the light, and turned on "turtle".

6. We heard the Big Boy get out of his bed and we returned to his room to reiterate are expectations.

7. We repeated # 6.
8. We repeated # 6.
9. We repeated # 6.
10. He finally went to sleep in his Big Boy Bed and woke up in his Big Boy Bed!

11. I want to cry because I am officially calling my baby a Big Boy.

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Simply Tasheena said...

I remember those days! I still call my tween my little baby, they grow up so fast.

~Mrs. Delightful