Friday, January 20, 2012

49er Fever

Growing up in my house my Mom and Sister got heavily into football and overtime they have become die hard 49ers fans! I personally was not the type that planned my whole day around a game, I never had a favorite team, and certainly did not understand the game. Then a certain gentleman came into my life, who LOVES( yes all capital letters) the 49ers! In the last 5 years of being married I have watched many 49ers games. My 2 year old even gets excited to shout "Go 49ers ! " whenever he recognizes their logo . I realize that the 49ers will always be in my life. This last week was a big game and we watched it at my Mom's house. While watching this game I officially knew I was a fan. It was so fun to me as we watched over good food, kids playing, and we were ALL yelling at the Television! I shared this with my husband and he gave me a kiss and a high five! Looking forward to next Sunday! Go Niners!!!


momto8 said...

pity us...we are Eagles fans..die hard Eagles fans.
I am your newest follower..pls follow back if you can!

Honey said...

Thank you for stopping by Queen of the Creek! ;) And I am so sorry to hear about your Niners... :( I have some really good friends who are die-hard fans and boy have I had to hear about it today! Love your blog - a mix of everything; my cup of tea!!