Thursday, July 26, 2012

Boy's Baseball Birthday Party

Sunday the 15th was the big day.....Boy's 3rd Birthday party!

(His actual birthday wasn't until the 22nd) The park reservations that my kind In-laws gifted us with were only available for the 15th.
I have been planning this party in my head for the last 3 months. For the longest I was stuck between a tricycle & baseball theme. He loves them both!!! I had my husband choose because JJ kept on saying both!
I always have so much fun planning my kids parties. I thought it turned out cute.
Get ready for a photo overload of JJ's BaseBall party!
Here is JJ arriving to his party on his tricycle:

The Lil MVP got a little parched from his entrance!

Party Details:

 Every Baseball Party needs a Game Ball!


I loved how the picture cutout turned out! I purchased a 99cents red
styrofoam board from a local party store and found some baseball players
to print out. So easy & cheap!

 Girl arrived in a good picture mood for her big brother's day!

This Home Plate table is what I spent most of time on and I enjoyed every minute! I used polka dot fabric from Girl's LadyBug party.

I made baseball cupcakes out of yellow cake, white frosting, white cupcake cups, and red twizzlers. I love that Boy's nickname is only 2 letters, I was able able to to spell it out with the cupcakes!

 I found free baseball printables from this blog! And free birthday printables from this blog!

 I  placed BigLeague gum, Baby Ruth candy bars, peanuts, and popcorn on one side of the table.

 I also wrote a poem especially for my LiL Slugger. And definitely  could not forget cracker jacks, cotton candy, twizzlers, and more peanuts for the left side of the table.

Centerpieces included 1st,2nd, 3rd, home plate, & pitchers mound(purchased at the Dollar Store), jars of peanuts, and the number 3 candle.

My wonderful Sister's Boyfriend grilled meat, Mom made potatoes salad, Mom In-law made broccoli salad, and Aunt In-law cut up watermelon. We divided and conquered. The food was ALL good!

To keep drinks cool I froze real balloons(not water balloons) a couple days before the party.


We were at a park with plenty of space, a playground, and a water feature! The kids loved it!

 Adult Activities:

Included socializing,


taking pictures,

enjoying the sun,

enjoying each other,

and watching the kids!

A pause in all the partying came at this moment:

The Birthday Boy hit the pavement....

 and produced a BIG bump. As you can see, I got a picture of the fall. I immediately threw my camera down. Grabbed the Slugger and used one of the iced balloons on his bump. The boy finally left my arms and went to Daddy's!

It was his God-Mom who got him back into the party mood!
Cake Time:

My favorite part of every party is cake time! The wind was blowing a bit, so it took a minute or two to get the candle burning. The MVP then decided to be shy for one of his favorite songs....Happy Birthday To You,Happy Birthday To You,Happy Birthday To JJ, Happy Birthday To You!

His mouth was not shy for the cake!

His Lil Sis wanted a piece too!

Present Time:

I think Boy was overwhelmed with ALL the gifts. He did not know how to react.

Then when ALL were opened he applauded everybody!

My husband was also a Champ and participated with the the shirts that I made us! I ironed on single letters from JoAnns fabric and purchased shirts at Big5.

We had a Ball! I decided to tell everyone just that and attached it to the party favor...a baseball! All this party planning was good for me because I am having a hard time accepting that my 1st baby is three(tears!).

Thank you to everyone who came and helped us celebrate JJ turning 3!

Click here to see his 2nd Birthday Party- Mickey Mouse Theme
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