Thursday, December 2, 2010

Christmas Cards!

I love Christmas cards. I have been doing them strong for 4 years now. I love them because they show how much you and your family grow from one year to the next. It has been a fun tradition for me. The day after Thanksgiving we get together to take photo to place on our Christmas Card. My goal is always to have them delivered the 1st or 2nd week of December. This way your family and friends get to enjoy them longer, they have a return address to send us one, and I think we get our money's worth! This year ,2010 we showed off JJ's adorable expressions and announced the sex of Baby #2 on our christmas card.....It's a Girl! Found out last week. On one of my last days at work one of the residents at my job snuck me in a an empty room and she performed an ultrasound on my growing belly. The resident cried towards the end when she said "Jonnique, I can't see a sack(growing testicles) and it definately looks like a girl!" I looked at the ultrasound and it looked like a hamburger. JJ's ultrasound at the same stage looked like a turtle:) I surprised Wes the next morning with a card that said "It's a Girl" and pictures verifying her potty view. We hugged and constantly told JJ he was going to be a big brother to a little Sister. We then called on voicemail all of our parents. They were thrilled and shared in on our joy. We are very excited to experience the opposite sex and think she will have a little less energy than JJ. We shall see!? I can't wait to dress her in purple EVERYTHING(my favorite color) and do her hair. Name to be announced soon...
Married almost 3 years and we had our first child in our arms on his 1st Christmas season! It was so fun dressing him up and sending this Christmas card out.
This Christmas picture was taken 4months shy of being married for 2 year. We just found out we were pregnant with our lst baby! We announced on the Christmas card that we were expecting our 1st. We were so excited and did not even know the sex yet.
This was our very lst official Christmas card! We were newly weds and were just having fun enjoying and growing together:)