Sunday, September 29, 2013

I love FaLL!

After residing in Southern Cali for 10 years and then moving back to Northern Cali I have grown a more appreciation for the noticeable seasons. I think it also has a lot to do with having kids too! I have become just more mindful and appreciative of life & the simple things that come with it.

When we had our first day of rain last week and seen a couple of leaves change color I got really excited!

September 22nd came and now it's Fall ya'll!

I had a return at Marshall's for about $20 dollars so I used the return $ to Fall up my fireplace mantel!

I love fall colors!

Orange, Green, and Brown!

The other thing I love about Fall is this bread mix that comes to Costco every Fall season!

You can use it to make pumpkin pancakes, pumpkin muffins/bread, and pumpkin cookies!

The whole family loves it and gets excited whenever they see the box!

We have made it a tradition to make the pancakes every year!

This year I tried the muffins for our weekly neighborhood play-date. My neighbors loved them & so did their kids!

We ate them fast and my family requested to make them again even faster!

Can u say yummy!!!

Mr. Wonderful surprised me with these flowers last week. I think I was more excited that the bouquet had fall colors!

I almost took the pink ones out just for Fall.

The Summer list went down and the Fall Bucket List went up this week. I am looking forward to marking off all these boxes with my growing family this Fall!!!
Happy Fall Y'all!!!" target="_blank">"/>

Thursday, September 26, 2013

Easy,Cute, & Great Baby Shower Gift

The other week I went to a Baby Shower for 3 of my Co-Workers! Yes 3! Us Nurses like to get pregnant in 3's! These three nurses were due a couple months apart before this year ends. One happened to already have had her baby and shared him with us at the Baby Shower. 

I felt a litte overwhelmed shopping for 3 babies and did not have any pregnancy energy.

1. Mr. Wonderful came up with the idea of buying them all Costco diapers! Who does not need and want diapers for their newborns!?

I did not want to just hand them a big old box of diapers so I tried to be creative! 

2. I wrapped them up with my recycled Trader Joe's bags, turned inside-out.

3. I used some scotch tape to hold Joe's bags down.

I love my chalkboards I have around my house so of course I had chalk on hand to use!

4. I wrote a colorful message to all the ladies with chalk!

I congratulated them on their new little bundles of joys that they were about to experience!

Did I mention that they were all having Boys!!! 

It was such a cute shower !!!

 5.  They loved opening their diaper boxes after reading their personal and individual messages!!!

Tuesday, September 24, 2013

16 Weeks

How far along:16 weeks
Baby size: Onion
Belly: Looks like I'm really pregnant, no more second guessing for strangers
Sleep: Is so good, as soon as I lay my head down I am out
Clothes: I still can fit some of my regular tops
Food Aversions: Barbecue
Food cravings: Beans, cheese, melons, and veggies
What I miss: Being able to roll on the floor with my kids
How the Baby Daddy feels: Excited that I can feel the baby move & cant wait until he can feel the kicks too!

Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Training a Girl

Just writing the title of this post I feel so much responsibility. My sweet & sassy Girl is in the midst of her Terrific Twos. She has been so emotional & sassy when she can't get her way. It has been a bit a struggle for me being that I am in the midst of my hormonal pregnancy.

The other day as I was painting my toenails as the kids were playing outside. My little Girl came and sat next to me. She explained so clearly that she wanted to be just like me & have her toes colored too!

We were suppose to be leaving soon to do errands so I explained to her that I would do hers later. The little girl would not let it go. Nicely & so sweet she expressed that she really wanted it done now!

We have been working on her expressing herself nicely. One, I was proud of her. Two, it dawned on me that I could make a special moment out of her request.
I realized that errands could wait and me investing in my daughter should not.

We had such a good time painting her little toe nails for the 1st time and I will forever remember it. She was so excited to show them off to her Daddy and Brother. I felt good that I was investing in her love bank. I was also making progress on winning her heart. I know in the future when she becomes older I want the chance to have her ear. In order for her really listen to my advice I need to have her heart!

Right now she is giving me her little toes and I will make sure to cherish them while they are tiny!

Monday, September 16, 2013


Babymoon: The term has come to be used to describe a vacation taken by a couple that is expecting a baby in order to allow the couple to enjoy a final trip together before the many sleepless nights that usually accompany a newborn baby. Babymoons usually take place at a resort that offers appropriate services like prenatal massage.

2 weeks ago Mr. Wonderful and I got blessed with a Babymoon in Cabo San Lucas. Orignally the trip was planned for a destination wedding for my brother. My brother and his fiance then decided they wanted to do a wedding in the house they are closing on in a few weeks .

My whole family decided to still take the trip because we had already booked our flights and timeshares!

The wedding was suppose to be adults only, so my kind Inlaws and my Bestfriend signed up to keep our kids all week.

We then realized that we had a trip we could call a Babymoon!

It was such a wonderful 7 days with Mr. Wonderful and my wonderful family.

I love Cabo and all it has to offer. Mr. Wonderful and I had a one bedroom timeshare that we just loved to death.

We literally are thinking about renovating our bedroom to exact floor plan as the bedroom in the resort.

I took a long bath in the master suite everyday. I miss that deep tub. We only have a shower in our masterbedroom right now.

Even though we were on vacation with my family we took some time to ourselves too.

We reminised a lot because we stayed in the same resort for our Honeymoon 6.5 years ago!

I tried not say how much I missed the kids and just focus on enjoying Mr. Wonderful.

I also enjoyed all the time we spent with my family. I have such a fun and enternaing family.

We all stayed at the same resort and in the same section.

We constantly called each-others room to plan out our itineraries for the days.

My mom had the grand suite which came with a super big kitchen so one night we made steak, shrimp, brocolli, and fries in her room.

On two occasions we all ate breakfast in her room.

It was also nice to give my family attention without having to be responsible for our kids.

I love the resorts pools and restaurants.

Cabo's beach is also just beautiful with arches in the back ground.

The food was also excellent, including my virgin drinks!

Our favorite was a local spot we found downtown.

We were all able to get steak and lobster for $15 each!

On our 2nd to last day it rained a little so Mr. Wonderful and I took this time to go to the spa and get massages.

It felt so so so good!

We were scheduled to leave on a Saturday and saturday morning we just wanted one more day.

We called the airlines and asked if we could extend our flight to the next day.
It was easy peasy with no extra fee! My best friend also did not mind watching the kids for one more day. Yes, I have the best best friend in the world.

I will forever cherish this Babymoon! I soaked in every moment that I could, knowing that we will be really busy in 6 months!