Friday, July 24, 2009

Our Story.... The Delivery of our Miracle!

Yes, our little champ has finally arrived! On July 21st at 0300p.m. Wes and I went into the hospital for a normal appointment to make sure our babies heart rate was doing good. As we were there his heart rate dropped twice and the doctor felt like it was best that we stay and be induced. The doctor thought that there could be a cord that was causing these decelerations in the heart rate. When we got admitted for our induction an ultrasound was conducted and it showed that the umbilical cord was wrapped around JJ's neck. This is not that uncommon and sometimes labor can be tolerated with the a cord around the neck, so we decided to stick with the plan and see if JJ would tolerate labor. Our induction started at 0800 p.m. and by 0500 a.m. I was only 2cm and the JJ's heart rate was still dropping at times and seemed to be getting worse and worse. The doctor, Wes, and I felt that it would be best if a C-section would be best route for our baby to enter into this world. At 0528 on July 22nd our little bundle of joy came out screaming and ready to be loved by his proud parents!

I have to say that Joshua James was worth the major surgery that was performed on my abdomen. Plus, I can now encourage my patients with my own experience(being that I am a L&D nurse) who have to get a c-section. By telling them that the most important goal of labor and delivery is a healthy baby.
We are so thankful and grateful that we have been blessed to produce such a wonderful, cute, and healthy little man. We just got home from the hospital and we are totally exhausted but so thrilled to be parents of a precious little baby!

We just wanted to say thank you to our Moms, who both got on a flight as soon as we called them and helped us the last couple of days(and are still helping us). And to Jim(Wes's Dad) who cut his fishing trip short and drove 15 hours to come see his grandson.

Can't forget about our great friend Jon who picked both our mothers up from the airport at different times. You have such a giving heart. Thank you,Jon.

We also want to thank my best friends (TQ and LaDonna) who made sure we were covered in prayers the whole time we were in the hospital by informing others.

Thank you to all of those that prayed, texted, facebooked, and called while we were in the hospital. We felt so loved and special that you all were so concerned and excited for us.

A special thank you to San Diego Kaiser Permanente Labor & Delivery and Postpartum. We had such a wonderful experience with all of our nurses and providers.

Lastly but not least, I want to say thank you to my husband who supported me(telling me how proud he was of me) the whole journey and made me feel so so loved during my stay at the hospital. Wes, you are adapting to fatherhood so well and I already think that you are best new Daddy in the whole world:)