Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Officially due tomorrow...Last blog before JJ arrives!

I decided to write one last blog since I am still around and our baby is due tomorrow. Plus we are getting plenty of text messages and phone calls asking what is J.J.'s status? Since my last pregnancy appointment on Thursday I am 1cm dilated and 50% effaced. Contractions are coming and going but nothing really painful. We are praying and hoping that he will come soon. If he is not here by the 28th my providers want to induce me.


What have we been up to, as we wait? I have officially been off of work for a month(since I hit 36 weeks). It has been a wonderful month. Wes and I have really cherished this last month, knowing that we will never have this time with just the two of us ever again(I guess when the kids leave the house, but that will not be for a long time). So we have took long walks on the beach, at the lake, went to the movies, miniature golfing, spent a weekend in Palm Springs, double dated with other couples, went out to nice lunches and dinners, went swimming a couple times, accompanied each other to the gym and did I mention walked a ton(trying to get JJ to come)!

I really can't believe at times that we will be holding our son any day now! Time flew by so fast and experiencing my first pregnancy season is coming to an end. I will have to say and continue to Thank God for a wonderful pregnancy

Some things I will miss about pregnancy:
1.All the smiles and niceness you get from total strangers.
2. People telling you look good even though you keep gaining weight.
3. My JJ's love taps and kicks that reassures me that he is thriving and getting stronger.
4. Preparing for the baby(shopping for baby clothes and decorating the nursery).
5. Being able to nap and sleep in as long as I want with the excuse of just being pregnant.
6. Enjoying the excitement of a new baby coming soon with my husband!

Some things I will not miss about pregnancy:
1. Not being able to get out of bed without my husbands help.
2. Heartburn
3. Pain from JJ positioning his legs and bottom right under my rib cage.
4. Nausea
5. Feeling fat at times.
6. People saying "You still pregnant?", "When are you going to drop that baby?", and "I thought that you would of had that baby already!"(As I approached my last weeks and now days of pregnancy).

Thanks for following our blog and more is to come when our bundle of joy arrives very soon! Please pray and stand with us, for a great labor and delivery and a healthy Baby Boy!


Anonymous said...

Very cute pictures, Jonnique. We are waiting with anticipation.
Aunt Kit and Uncle Den

Anonymous said...

Great blog! Hang in there.. he can't stay in there forever! Rest up as much as possible, think of every day as one day closer, but use it as an opportunity to rest as much as possible, you'll need it for the labor and after the birth. When he does come, sleep whenever he does no matter who's around, you'll always be able to see people later. (just my little food for thoughts). Call us if you need anything, we love you guys and praying for you:)
the colemans

Anonymous said...

Nice J & W!

Love,Momma T

Anonymous said...

You're so HUGE!! Betcha you haven't heard that said!! hehe... But you still look AMAZING as always girl!! You and Wes are a beautiful couple... can't wait to meet baby Joshua!! See you in August!


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Anonymous said...

So excited for you and Wes...you are in the hospital right now and JJ will come anytime. I'm standing with you and praying for a successful and glorious delivery!

Anonymous said...


You did a really good job with the blog. Thanks so much for doing that. It is really special. And you are really special. I love you so much. You are a beautiful woman both inside and you still excite my eyes even in your pregnancy.

Love ya,