Friday, February 15, 2013

VDay Craft Day

It was the day before VDay and I had been wanting to do Vday crafts with kids all month. I realized that if I did not do it today I would have to wait until next year. I decided to cancel playdate plans at a park and cleaning plans.  I wanted the kids  to make Vday cards for Mr. Wonderful and have fun doing it!

I asked the kids if they wanted to paint and they screamed "Yes"! I set up a table & chairs in the front of the garage. I put clothes on the kids that I did not mind getting painted on.
 I initially let the kids color and paint whatever they wanted to do. The Boy wanted to paint and the Girl wanted to color & paint.

We then took a break to eat a snack. I allowed the Boy to serve his Sister. It was so so cute!

Shortly after that Nana a.k.a my Mom showed up on her lunch break, to deliver the kids Valentine Treats!

The kids were so excited and enjoyed having their first Vday sugar.

When it was time for Nana to return to work our next guests arrived. One of JJ's favorite friends & her lovely Mother.

I then began my organized crafting.

The Boy finished up his free crafting project. He was excited to make his Vday card for his Daddy and also expressed he wanted to make one for his Grandparents too. The Boy made a total of 4 Vday  cards and did very good with using his hand-prints on each one.

The Girl was caught with something in her mouth the entire time & wanted to eat more than she wanted to craft.

After painting their hands it was time to clean them.

I think this was the kids favorite part of Vday Craft day!

Water fun was done and then it was time for lunch!

Lunch eventually came to an end and the Vday crafts were dry, to showoff for the camera!

What a successful VDay Craft Day! I enjoyed it a whole lot and I know the kids did too!!!

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

2013 Vday Picture: WIW

It feels so good to look & dress nice. Especially after running after the kids all day and taking care of their needs first. I have realized after being a Mommy for 3.5 years that I need to make an effort to feel great. One way that I feel great is when I dress nice and get a million compliments from Mr.Wonderful. With this outfit it happened.

What I Wore :
Bracelet:Forever 21

Another reason I put a little effort in my appearance on this day was our Valentines Advent Calendar. It was the 10th day and it stated:

Here is our 2013 Valentines Self Portrait:

Got to love the self timer function on the wonderful camera!
Happy Valentines Day!!!
pleated poppy

Monday, February 11, 2013

Love Week

This year in the name of Valentines I decided to enter a MugSwap, with other bloggers. I had the pleasure of getting Kelly as my assigned partner. I ran over to her blog to check her out. The Lady is quite creative in the DIY department and in photography. I also was able to view some of her own personal pics via her blog. I really liked her engagement pictures.

The next day I was on Costco website and seen that you could personalize your own mugs. A light went off in my head! I went back to Kelly's blog and copied one of her engagement pics, that was perfect for Vday.

I sent Kelly her very own personalized Vday mug that same day. The next day I mailed her a card along with her favorite candy.

My Mug:

1.5 weeks later I received this lovely package!!!

Can I just say that I have never met Kelly but felt her kindness through this bundle of Love!

Friday, February 8, 2013

The Boys New Dresser

The Boy has been using his changing table/dresser since he was born,3.5 years ago. He is potty trained(thank God!) and the dresser drawers have been falling apart. This called for the family to make a trip to Salvation Army. We were in search for a big boy dresser. Mr. Wonderful spotted this real wood piece of beauty. We loved it & the price, so we threw it into the SUV.

The Boy has a sports themed room. I wanted to make sure that this dresser would fit right in with the decor.

I painted the dresser blue and green(using 2 coats on each drawer).

I love how more organized life seems with the
Clothes Labeled Butterfly Dresser I painted for the Girl. I decided to do the same for the Boy.

I used the chalk paint I used for my chalkboards and painted sports and square shapes on each drawer(drawing them on with pencil first). I then labeled & drew away with chalk.

The Boy & I love it!

Tuesday, February 5, 2013

My Chalkboards

Two weeks ago I wrote a whole post on this  chevron curtain . I made it myself & enjoy looking at everyday! Another thing I enjoy in my kitchen is my chalkboard, that I also created with my hands.
This chalkboard helps me stay sane and organized as a working Mommy & Wife. I update it every week with our Dinner Specials for the week. It helps me to know what I need from the stores. I have my stores divided into 3: Costco, Grocery Store, and good ole Target. On our way out to the stores My husband or I take a picture of the store lists. Mr. Wonderful has told me many of times that he loves that i came up with the idea.
How I made the Chalkboard:
I used this chalkboard paint that you can find at any Hardware Store.
I painted over this white board that Mr.Wonderful said he was going to throw out.
I also made another chalkboard from this old glass framed picture my Mom gave to me.
I placed it on the fire mantle, to have fun with WordArt and special occasions.