Monday, February 11, 2013

Love Week

This year in the name of Valentines I decided to enter a MugSwap, with other bloggers. I had the pleasure of getting Kelly as my assigned partner. I ran over to her blog to check her out. The Lady is quite creative in the DIY department and in photography. I also was able to view some of her own personal pics via her blog. I really liked her engagement pictures.

The next day I was on Costco website and seen that you could personalize your own mugs. A light went off in my head! I went back to Kelly's blog and copied one of her engagement pics, that was perfect for Vday.

I sent Kelly her very own personalized Vday mug that same day. The next day I mailed her a card along with her favorite candy.

My Mug:

1.5 weeks later I received this lovely package!!!

Can I just say that I have never met Kelly but felt her kindness through this bundle of Love!


Kelly B. said...

I love my new mug!! Thank you so much! I've had coffee out of it for the last 4 days!!!

Shon said...

Looks really great.
So thoughtful of you to make a personalized mug.


Unknown said...

Ah, great stuff! Adorable mug!

Sandy a la Mode said...

you got some great red and pink goodies! :)

Sandy a la Mode

Unknown said...

SO FUN! THANKS so much for participating!! xo