Wednesday, September 26, 2012

The Boys 1st Basketball Class

We signed the Boy up for an 8 week basketball class through the Community Center. I do not know who was more excited for the class, Mr. Wonderful or the Boy!? Mr. Wonderful said it was always his dream to go to organized sporting events with the family and see his kids participate. We told the Boy about the class a week prior and he asked about the class everyday & multiple times a day!
All of our excitement made us make one mistake. We arrived too early and there was a class that was in session. JJ got his heart broken for a moment as we had to wait 10 minutes until he could touch the court.
When it was his time he was ready. He did not want to waist anytime with Mommy taking pictures to capture this memorable day.

The Coaches started the class off with Huddle Time. This is where every kid introduced themselves and shared their favorite color.
Then it was time to start class. It was so cute seeing my two guys on the court together.
The Coaches lead the kids in stretching,
learning about the baseline,
shuffling with proper arm extension, running forwards,
& backwards,
and listening while following simple directions.
There was even a water break. This is where Mr. Wonderful took time to encourage and compliment JJ on his good hustle.
Girl a.k.a the sideline Cheerleader enjoyed watching & attempted to run on the court a couple times.
During the drills the Boy looked to us for affirmation.
All the kids did excellent at following directions and
having a good & fun time! JJ was especially excited because his Playdate friend was in attendance!
After completing these fundamentals they finally got a chance to
shoot the basketball. It was adorable seeing the Tots shoot in the mini hoops.
My Boy was so focused and determined to make his baskets.
The class ended with Coach telling the kids that they did an awesome job for their first class and that she is looking forward to working with them in the upcoming weeks.
One of my favorites parts of the day was seeing the kids get in their circle and say
"Go Team!".
After the class JJ thought he was ready for the Big Hoop!

Friday, September 21, 2012

Sports Paintings for the Boy

I am in love with painting right now. Every since I painted my first piece of furniture. I have been having a super itch to paint more. 

My Son is in love with sports. When I was pregnant with him my husband spoke about how athletic he would be & it has come into existence, big time. The Boy loves every sport. His top 3 are basketball, baseball, and football(in that order).

This lovely piece of art below was presented it to me at my Baby Shower from a thoughtful & creative friend. I always wanted to add to this piece.

I let my itch lead me to paint 2 more pieces this week.

What I used:

Canvas (Pack of 2 from JoAnn Fabrics...they were 50% off last week)
Acrylic Paint colors
3 different sizes of paint brushes

Thursday, September 13, 2012

Ranch Dijon Chicken Pasta

4 boneless chicken breasts
1 cup of Lite Ranch dressing
1/3 cup of Dijon mustard
1/2 cup of Extra Virgin Olive Oil
1/3 cup of dry white wine (optional)
Whole wheat thin spaghetti pasta noodles
Whisk together lite Ranch dressing and mustard. Set aside.
Cut chicken in cubes. Saute chicken in olive oil until brown. Remove chicken from skillet but keep the remaining cooked olive oil in place. Pour wine into skillet and simmer on medium high for one minute. Whisk in Ranch and dijon mustard mixture. Blend well.
Cook noodles as suggested.
Place chicken on a bed of noodles and cover chicken with sauce. Stir together. Sprinkle with parsley.

I originally got this recipe from this blog,that I love. I substituted some ingredients to make it a little better on the waist line!

Sunday, September 9, 2012

GrandParents Day!

My kids believe they have the #1 GrandParents!

Last year was the 1st year that I
found out there was a national day set aside just for Grandparents. I
vowed and declared that I would always honor the wonderful Grandparents
that my children have been blessed with,especially on this day! My
parents & In-laws have been nothing but a blessing since Mr.
Wonderful and I walked into parenthood.
The unconditional love and support does not go unnoticed & is
cherished. Even if sometimes they give unsolicited advice on parenting
we still appreciate them so much(LOL).

Since we moved back to Northern California one of things that we love to
observe is our kids spending time and making memories with their
Grandparents. The have also watched the kids for Mr. Wonderful and I, so
that we could go on vacation, date nights, and to weddings without the
This helps our marriage stay exciting and fun! We do not know what we
would do without our wonderful parents. Especially, My Mother In-law who
is retired and spends a nice chunk of her time with our kids. It is
nothing like knowing that your kids are in safe & loving hands.

To tell the honest truth we really are not that surprise and do not expect anything less. These Grandparents are not only amazing grandparents but out of this world parents. Happy Grandparents Day to all who are Grandparents! Your love, time, and skills do not go unnoticed!!!
A Gift that I put together for the Grandparents