Monday, October 25, 2010

The Verdict has come in......

I Got The Job!

Had an interview with a Hospital in the Bay Area last week. This job would provide a great opportunity for my career as a Nurse, a great opportunity for our family to move to the bay area to be closer to both of our families, and this will also be a great opportunity for Wes to achieve his goal of returning back to school.
Just got off the phone with the Manger that interviewed me last week. After the interview and speaking with my references they offered me the job! I accepted on the spot.
After getting off the phone Wes and I took some time to Thank God. We know that he truly has our steps ordered. It has been a road of patience and faith. We have been trying to move to the Bay Area for the last 7 months. Now we have about 4 more weeks left in San Diego.

This is bitter but very sweet to us. San Diego is the place where I began my Christian life, began my Nursing Career, I began my marriage, I began my journey of Motherhood, and last but not least learned what true friendships really means from all of my great relationships.

Thank you God for our past in San Diego with Friends and our Future in the Bay Area with Family!

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Pregnant with Baby Bell #2!

The results were in a couple weeks ago.....were pregnant with Baby #2!
He does not know that next year his world be so different!
8 weeks exactly today and strong heart rate already! For those that were wondering, its only 1 Baby. We know that twins run in the family, but not this time:)
1st doctor appointment, just seen our 2nd little blessing for the 1st time!(Thank you Ute, for babysitting JJ. It was a great blessing to experience this together.)
We are excited for the future! Even if we will have our hands full, with 2 kids under the age 2 next May!

It's official like a Ref(Referee) with a whistle(saying from our good friend Irvin)! Wes and I our going to be parents to another miracle, due May 17th 2011! JJ will be a big brother at the age of 1!
This pregnancy was definitely planned by God!
The story: On September 7th Wes brought home a pregnancy test after getting off work. He thought that he should do this because I was being very emotional the week before, eating a whole lot, and burping(As Wes calls them "pregnancy burps).We both knew that there was just 1 slight possibility that it could be true, that we were pregnant again but was not at all 100% sure. There it was a positive sign, on our $2.99 Walmart brand pregnancy test. I announced to Wes "Babe, Yep its true were pregnant and another baby is on the way". Wes was very excited, I then immediately dialed my Mothers phone number with tears of joy and shock. After getting off the phone with her I calmed down and we preceded to call Wes's parents, my Dad, and my Stepmother. They were all thrilled and a little surprised that they were going to be grandparents soon! The person that we got to tell face to face lst was our dear friend Ladonna. JJ, her, and I had scheduled to have breakfast that morning. As you can read and see, it was a very memorable morning. Since then, we have told the majority of our close friends and family members. We could not wait that long this time around, for some reason. Today we got to see the beautiful heart rate and thought it would be a great time to make our announcement official to the rest of the world.