Friday, July 23, 2010

A personl touch to JJ's Birthday Invitations and Thank You cards!

A creative spark has been reignited since I have become a Mommy. It was very recognizable by my husband when I made the majority of JJ's party decorations from scratch. I also enjoyed making JJ's invitations a little personal. To top it all off I decided to get real creative with his birthday Thank You cards. We were so so appreciative of all the gifts that JJ recieved, I wanted to really put effort into to showing it!

I bought all my supplies at Grossmont Nutrition in Grossment Center. The pictures I got developed at Costco. Total price was $7.25 for 20 fun Thank You cards!
I took a picture of JJ next to a piece a paper that said "Thank You"! I then taped the pictures on the card stock that I had purchased. After that, I decorated the front with stickers.
I then wrote in blue ink inside the card to match the "Thank You" on the front of the card.
Here is also the invitiations that I purchased for JJ's birthday party. 30 invitations for $3 dollars(99cent store).
I posted this picture on the back of the invitations to make them a little more personal(30 pictures developed from costco for $3.90).

Can't wait for the next Birthday Party!

Thursday, July 22, 2010

JJ's actual birthday July 22nd...

Mommy makes JJ a birthday cake!
0240 pm Daddy says goodbye to JJ because he has to go work and Mommy wakes up from working the night before.
0300pmJJ and Mommy have some bonding time in JJ's playpen. Mommy can't believes it has been a year!
Mommy's focus for today is doing whatever JJ wants to long as it does not hurt him or her.
0330pmSo they play Frisbee in the kitchen!
0400pm JJ has made a birthday knot on his head:(After frisbee JJ attempting to walk hits the side of the door(i promise it was not from playing frisbee)....time to get out the house.
We go for a long walk to a couple stores and the park. JJ wants to be held so Mommy holds him...while she also pushes the stroller( she was counting this one as her workout for the day)!

0600pm After a long walk and much fun we return home for dinner. Mommy lets JJ feed himself!
0630pm JJ makes a big mess so JJ has bathtime.
0700pm JJ loves his bathtime Mommy lets him stay in for a long time...
Splashing away

Even after a 30 min bath he hates to get out. I guess you can't make a baby happy all day.
0715pm JJ has a visitor....his beautiful Cousin Andrea...he is very happy now to play with Andrea.
0730pm Mommy and Andrea sing Happy Birthday to JJ!

0740pm We attempt to see if JJ will enjoy cake on his actual birthday....
Nope...the boy says no to sugar! Time for a bottle, bedtime prayer, and night night. Happy Birthday JJ we love you:)
1100pm Someone else enjoys the sugar after work....a little too much! -----------------------------------------------------------Down below are two videos of the Grandmas calling to wish JJ a Happy Birthday!Video #2 My Mom(Nana T) called at 0902am and Video#1Wes's Mom(Grandma D) called at 0905am. It was not even planned ....I guess Grandma's think and love a like!

Sunday, July 18, 2010

Another Milestone....JJ sits forward in car seat!

Last week JJ got to try out his new car seat! Thanks to Grandma D and Grandpa Jim who purchased the great car seat. He loves seeing Mommy and Daddy and Mommy and Daddy love seeing him, in the car now. It seems as if he enjoys the car rides so much more now!
* The picture above is from driving home late one night. He is in his pjs coming from Orange County(from Uncle Mikes and Aunt Julies house).

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

My lst Birthday Party! By JJ

My Mommy made most of the decorations by hand! A special thanks to Nana T and Melissa for their help!
Grandma D designed and ordered the cakes!
Grandma D thought that I deserved my own personal cake!

Can you guess what the party theme was?

The Sports theme was my Daddy's idea and my Mommy ran(far) with it!

My Grandma and Grandpa's backyard was perfect for the occasion and so was the weather!

Mommy wanted to make it clear that I am their Most Valuable Player of the year!

Let the party begin! My Daddy convinced me to put on a hat after he did it!

I enjoyed taking pictures and being held...all day!

My Mom knows that she can get my attention with a ball....maybe I will be an Athlete.

It was so much going on that I could not keep focused on the camera:)

From laps
to Arms!
Great Uncle Dennis does not want to let me go....
or maybe he just always wants me to go to sleep!
All the toys were so fun to play with!

The best idea was that my Mommy made a pool of balls for me. Thanks Mrs Aldriena, for the great idea! I stayed in and out of it for 3 whole hours:)

I had to stop and just admire all the family and friends that came out to celebrate with me!

Everybody had a great time just relaxing and talking....about me!

Tyson was the youngest guest in the house or backyard....3 months old!

Grandpa Jim did such a great job grilling hamburgers, sausages, and fish!
Daddy gave a wonderful prayer in honor of my 1st Birthday!
It was beautiful seeing all my family join hands.

I think that Nana T is very grateful for me in her life!
Everybody ate and talked
talked and ate
ate and talked
until they could not eat anymore!
They said the food was good!

Thank you Nana T, Grandma D, and Mommy for preparing the delicious food!
It was time for our 1 and only game!

It was funny seeing Daddy make them work hard to hit the basketball!

My family sang both versions of the Happy Birthday song(traditional and Steve Wonder) and then it was time...
to eat the cake!
I was not really sure about this cake eating thing!
Nope...............SUGAR is not good for you! My parents did not argue with me.
Opening my Gifts put me in a better mood:)

My first gift I open was my favorite! Great Aunt Kit you win! Thanks.

I was pretty distracted to open the other gifts because I was so focused on the 1st!
Daddy ended up opening the rest.
I looked up every time it was a toy!
Was not so interested in anything else. Everybody else was amazed by the others, especially the homemade blanket Miss Stephanie made for me!
My Parents were very grateful for the clothes, since I am growing so so fast!

More books for my parents to read to me at bedtime.
You can't go wrong with giftcards!
I enjoyed and I am thankful for all my gifts...especially my toys.
If I am not playing with them, I am eating them:)
I played with my toys until Mommy and Daddy said it was bedtime.
Oh yeah! I cant forget to mention the incredible DVD slide show my Grandma Donna put together of my 1st year. It seemed like everybody enjoyed watching me grow into the 1 year old I am today:)
What topped off the weekend is that I got to be apart of my Nana's 52nd Birthday one of her favorite Vietnamese Restaurant!
These are all my Maternal Cousins, Aunts, and Uncles! The only one that is missing is my Uncle John J.
What a great weekend and great 1st year! Thank you for being great friends and family to my parents and me as I rolled, scooted, and crawled through my 1st year!