Friday, July 23, 2010

A personl touch to JJ's Birthday Invitations and Thank You cards!

A creative spark has been reignited since I have become a Mommy. It was very recognizable by my husband when I made the majority of JJ's party decorations from scratch. I also enjoyed making JJ's invitations a little personal. To top it all off I decided to get real creative with his birthday Thank You cards. We were so so appreciative of all the gifts that JJ recieved, I wanted to really put effort into to showing it!

I bought all my supplies at Grossmont Nutrition in Grossment Center. The pictures I got developed at Costco. Total price was $7.25 for 20 fun Thank You cards!
I took a picture of JJ next to a piece a paper that said "Thank You"! I then taped the pictures on the card stock that I had purchased. After that, I decorated the front with stickers.
I then wrote in blue ink inside the card to match the "Thank You" on the front of the card.
Here is also the invitiations that I purchased for JJ's birthday party. 30 invitations for $3 dollars(99cent store).
I posted this picture on the back of the invitations to make them a little more personal(30 pictures developed from costco for $3.90).

Can't wait for the next Birthday Party!

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