Monday, August 2, 2010

Having a kid= Being Invited to kid birthday parties!

The first picture is a caption of Daddy and JJ being sick. We all got sick after attending a birthday party 2 days prior. It has been so fun getting all the invitations to birthday parties since we now have a kid. We enjoy seeing all the kids play together and socializing with the other parents. We also enjoy picking out birthday gifts and eating all the birthday food, including all the desserts. On the down side there is one possible side effect of being anywhere with lots of kids. It is getting sick. We experienced our first as a family this last Tuesday morning. We were all in the ER throwing up. Wes' Mom flew down on one of the first flights to come take care of us. We were all better after about 3 days.

This will not stop us from attending parties but I think we will just be a little more cautious next time. We will wash her hands more and be more attentive if there is any sick kids in attendance. Even with being cautious I know getting sick from another kid or even an adult is inevitably going to is just part of life:) The cost of socializing, in which we do a whole lot!

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