Sunday, September 20, 2009

Our JJ has finally been discharged from the Hospital!

It has been a long and scary week for our family. JJ was admitted to the hospital on September 12th for dehydration, vomiting, diarrhea, and weight loss. Because he is so young and had not had his shots they had to test him for everything. All the test came back negative and the Doctors think that he just caught a virus. He is now eating a whole whole lot, keeping everything down, no more vomiting, and has gained 2lbs since he was admitted(we love the rolls that are forming on his thighs). This will be his first day home and we are just so thrilled to have him back and not have the hospital as our 2nd home anymore. The house seemed so empty without him.

After going through all this we are so thankful to have such a healthy baby boy. The Doctors and Nurses kept on stating that JJ was one of the strongest babies they have ever seen. We are so glad that we have a fighter and that through all the test and drawing of blood he is still smiling. The joy of the Lord is truly his strength.

A special thanks to ALL of our parents and siblings who were our number one supporters through this whole ordeal. Mom(Donna, Teri, Frances) and Dad(John and Jim) your presence, cooking, cleaning, prayers, and love really helped us get through this long week.
We also want to specifically thank Pastor Dave, The Colemans, Beverly Buffini, Sally Stance, Roxy Price, LaDonna, Maria, and Aunt Kit for your continual encouraging phone calls, hospital visits, and food that you guys blessed us with. These things touched our hearts so so much.
Thank you also to everyone else, our friends and family that texted, prayed, and called this last week it really meant a whole lot.

Please continue to pray for JJ's health we are awaiting for some metabolic test results to return next week, but we are believing they will also be negative. And we are claiming that we will not have to spend the night in the hospital until our next child is born :)