Thursday, December 2, 2010

Christmas Cards!

I love Christmas cards. I have been doing them strong for 4 years now. I love them because they show how much you and your family grow from one year to the next. It has been a fun tradition for me. The day after Thanksgiving we get together to take photo to place on our Christmas Card. My goal is always to have them delivered the 1st or 2nd week of December. This way your family and friends get to enjoy them longer, they have a return address to send us one, and I think we get our money's worth! This year ,2010 we showed off JJ's adorable expressions and announced the sex of Baby #2 on our christmas card.....It's a Girl! Found out last week. On one of my last days at work one of the residents at my job snuck me in a an empty room and she performed an ultrasound on my growing belly. The resident cried towards the end when she said "Jonnique, I can't see a sack(growing testicles) and it definately looks like a girl!" I looked at the ultrasound and it looked like a hamburger. JJ's ultrasound at the same stage looked like a turtle:) I surprised Wes the next morning with a card that said "It's a Girl" and pictures verifying her potty view. We hugged and constantly told JJ he was going to be a big brother to a little Sister. We then called on voicemail all of our parents. They were thrilled and shared in on our joy. We are very excited to experience the opposite sex and think she will have a little less energy than JJ. We shall see!? I can't wait to dress her in purple EVERYTHING(my favorite color) and do her hair. Name to be announced soon...
Married almost 3 years and we had our first child in our arms on his 1st Christmas season! It was so fun dressing him up and sending this Christmas card out.
This Christmas picture was taken 4months shy of being married for 2 year. We just found out we were pregnant with our lst baby! We announced on the Christmas card that we were expecting our 1st. We were so excited and did not even know the sex yet.
This was our very lst official Christmas card! We were newly weds and were just having fun enjoying and growing together:)

Monday, October 25, 2010

The Verdict has come in......

I Got The Job!

Had an interview with a Hospital in the Bay Area last week. This job would provide a great opportunity for my career as a Nurse, a great opportunity for our family to move to the bay area to be closer to both of our families, and this will also be a great opportunity for Wes to achieve his goal of returning back to school.
Just got off the phone with the Manger that interviewed me last week. After the interview and speaking with my references they offered me the job! I accepted on the spot.
After getting off the phone Wes and I took some time to Thank God. We know that he truly has our steps ordered. It has been a road of patience and faith. We have been trying to move to the Bay Area for the last 7 months. Now we have about 4 more weeks left in San Diego.

This is bitter but very sweet to us. San Diego is the place where I began my Christian life, began my Nursing Career, I began my marriage, I began my journey of Motherhood, and last but not least learned what true friendships really means from all of my great relationships.

Thank you God for our past in San Diego with Friends and our Future in the Bay Area with Family!

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Pregnant with Baby Bell #2!

The results were in a couple weeks ago.....were pregnant with Baby #2!
He does not know that next year his world be so different!
8 weeks exactly today and strong heart rate already! For those that were wondering, its only 1 Baby. We know that twins run in the family, but not this time:)
1st doctor appointment, just seen our 2nd little blessing for the 1st time!(Thank you Ute, for babysitting JJ. It was a great blessing to experience this together.)
We are excited for the future! Even if we will have our hands full, with 2 kids under the age 2 next May!

It's official like a Ref(Referee) with a whistle(saying from our good friend Irvin)! Wes and I our going to be parents to another miracle, due May 17th 2011! JJ will be a big brother at the age of 1!
This pregnancy was definitely planned by God!
The story: On September 7th Wes brought home a pregnancy test after getting off work. He thought that he should do this because I was being very emotional the week before, eating a whole lot, and burping(As Wes calls them "pregnancy burps).We both knew that there was just 1 slight possibility that it could be true, that we were pregnant again but was not at all 100% sure. There it was a positive sign, on our $2.99 Walmart brand pregnancy test. I announced to Wes "Babe, Yep its true were pregnant and another baby is on the way". Wes was very excited, I then immediately dialed my Mothers phone number with tears of joy and shock. After getting off the phone with her I calmed down and we preceded to call Wes's parents, my Dad, and my Stepmother. They were all thrilled and a little surprised that they were going to be grandparents soon! The person that we got to tell face to face lst was our dear friend Ladonna. JJ, her, and I had scheduled to have breakfast that morning. As you can read and see, it was a very memorable morning. Since then, we have told the majority of our close friends and family members. We could not wait that long this time around, for some reason. Today we got to see the beautiful heart rate and thought it would be a great time to make our announcement official to the rest of the world.

Monday, September 13, 2010

I write this as we are awaiting on a phone call. The phone call is in regards to a great job opportunity that I interviewed for a couple of weeks ago. A job that will place us closer to both of our wonderful families. It is such an emotional roller coaster when you are waiting for something so big to happen. You go through the emotions of being excited because it feels so close at times, then being down when you doubt that it can really happen, and you even start thinking about plan B. As I write this am not 10o% that I will receive this job. In my head I am replaying every word that was said by the manager that interviewed me and analyzing it. What did she really mean when she said that? Was she inferring that the job was mine?Did she not want to be honest with me and tell me she is no longer interested?
Then I hear the great and ultimate voice of my Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ: Daughter, Know that no matter what happens with this specific job opportunity I know the plans I have for you, plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future(Jer 29:11).So seek first my kingdom and my righteousness, and all these things will be given to you as well(Matt6:33). I the LORD himself goes before you and will be with you; I will never leave you nor forsake you. Do not be afraid; do not be discouraged(Deut 31:8). I repeat myself do not be afraid or discouraged ..... for the battle is not yours, but mines(2Chron 20:15). Continue to delight yourself in me and I will give you the desires of your heart(psalm 37:4).I will meet all your needs according to my glorious riches in Christ Jesus(Phil 4:19).

My response after hearing the Lord's voice: Lord, I apologize for any doubt or disbelief that has lead me astray from standing on your great and sovereign word. Your hand is totally on my life and my families'. You are the one that is in control and you only have the best in store for me. Though I may plan my ways you ultimately order my steps. I do not know what tomorrow brings but I know that you will be there and that is all that matters. You love me so much, I thank you today for you love. I also thank you in advance for opening this door or I thank you in advance for closing it. I praise you because you are much wiser, smarter, and divine than I will ever understand. There is one thing I totally understand at this exact moment, it is that you are in complete control. There is no one more awesome, magnificent, and perfect than you. I thank and praise you for leading my life in the right direction and I choose to believe that your timing is also so excellent.I love you. Amen

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Celebrating my 28th Birthday!

I turned 28 today! I am so blessed to see another year. God has been so good to me this last year. It was one of the greatest but hardest years of my life. I experienced so much change in my life. The change of being a mother, a working mother, moving for the 6th time in my marriage,being promoted to a Charge Nurse, seeing my baby being hospitalized, seeing my younger sister being hospitalized, standing by my husband as he exited out of full-time ministry, and watching the Church that i had been a member of for 10 years come to an end. Change can sometimes be very hard, especially when all the change is happening at once(my 27th year). As I was reflecting with God the other day I became consumed with joy thinking about all the positive parts of my life that have been constant this last year. Things in my life that I depended on this last year despite what was going on around me. These areas all have one thing in common, the word Relationship. My relationship to God, my Wonderful Husband, my Great Family, and my Awesome close friends have blessed me over and over this last year. All these friends reside in San Diego(except 1). I do not know if I will have the chance to celebrate with them next year. So I decided to celebrate each one of them this year. Each one of these ladies have inspired me by who they are, what they have done for me, and what I have learned from them over the years of knowing them. I chose a word for each lady and presented them with a gift(a picture of them self in a magnet. With the word and definition posted on the picture). I also enclosed a letter to each one explaining why I chose that word, last but not least I enclosed some sweets for them. Once again ladies thank you! Looking at you and your life's have helped me make it victorious through this last year. No matter where I am in the future, you all will reside in my heart.
Woke up to this lovely card,roses, and breakfast on my birthday from my Husband! He blessed with $ to go get a pedicure, massage, and eyebrows done. He then took me out our favorite sushi place, dessert on Coronado Island, and then a romantic walk on the beach of Coronado. Thank you Honey! Thanks Ladonna for Babysitting!
Some of the lovely birthday cards I got for my Birthday!
My co-workers took me to the Hash-House for breakfast the 2days before my birthday!

Went to Buca the day before my birthday for dinner with some of my Special Friends. This is where I was able to give out some of the individual gifts that I made and with a small speech!
Here is a example of the magnet that I made for the my Special Friends. This is LaDonna's...
I used the word GIVER for L! She has always been someone that has given to me and so many others with such a beautiful heart. Where there is need Ladonna always takes the lead.
Yolanda is ENCOURAGER! This girl has been there for me in every major season in my life to encourage and root me on!

The word for Kris is THOUGHTFUL! Kris thinks about me all the time and makes me feels so special. Despite being a new MOMMY:)

Erin has been FAITHFUL in every area of her life. Faithful as a Woman of God, Wife, Mother, friend and so many other titles. She has blessed me by her faithful friendship in my life.
SWEET Ashley! Everything about Ashley is sweet, even her Husband. Ashley and her husband are always offering a sweet hand to help us in anyway that they possibly can.
DREAMER! Andrea is such a visionary. I get so excited about life and God when I here about what God shows her in visions and dreams.
PERSEVERER! Andrea has persevered in every area in her life and is so victorious. She continues to persevere to make sure our relationship keeps thriving.
Melissa is KIND. She has challenged me to give more to people with my $, time, and love. She is one of the nicest people I have ever met.
ANGEL! Emily is such a Angel and strong woman of God. She is also my co-worker and I always love it when I work with her. She brings so much peace to my life while I am at work.
THOUGHTFUL Kathy! Kathy is also my co-worker. I am challenged by how she thinks about her fellow co-workers, patients, family, and friends. She always has and makes the most thoughtful gestures.
COMPASSIONATE Meiko! I love this girl and her heart for people. She is always giving and trying to help those in need. I have seen her show so much compassion to her family and friends.
DRIVEN. Josie has so much drive to accomplish and do things in life. She works, goes to school, mothers, and is a great wife. She motivates me to not settle but keep on growing.
KIND Ute. Ute always has a smile on her face and is fast to jump to a favor you need of her. I love how her kindness is even shown with how she mothers her children.
HELPER. Tq has helped me and so many others in life. She has helped with opening up her house, her life, giving encouragement, advice, serving, and love.
LOVELY Nia. Everything about Nia is lovely from her looks, to her personality, her work ethic, and drive to accomplish in life.
TRUSTWORTHY Maria. This girl is a friend to so many because people trust her. People feel comfortable opening up to her. She has a peaceful and Godly spirit, which makes it so inviting to want to be around her.

These are the bags I presented the gifts! It says- A friend is forever and always.
I wrote something to all my Special Friends explaining why I chose the specific word for them.
Wanted to give them something sweet for their tummy!

Friday, August 6, 2010

Monday, August 2, 2010

Having a kid= Being Invited to kid birthday parties!

The first picture is a caption of Daddy and JJ being sick. We all got sick after attending a birthday party 2 days prior. It has been so fun getting all the invitations to birthday parties since we now have a kid. We enjoy seeing all the kids play together and socializing with the other parents. We also enjoy picking out birthday gifts and eating all the birthday food, including all the desserts. On the down side there is one possible side effect of being anywhere with lots of kids. It is getting sick. We experienced our first as a family this last Tuesday morning. We were all in the ER throwing up. Wes' Mom flew down on one of the first flights to come take care of us. We were all better after about 3 days.

This will not stop us from attending parties but I think we will just be a little more cautious next time. We will wash her hands more and be more attentive if there is any sick kids in attendance. Even with being cautious I know getting sick from another kid or even an adult is inevitably going to is just part of life:) The cost of socializing, in which we do a whole lot!

Friday, July 23, 2010

A personl touch to JJ's Birthday Invitations and Thank You cards!

A creative spark has been reignited since I have become a Mommy. It was very recognizable by my husband when I made the majority of JJ's party decorations from scratch. I also enjoyed making JJ's invitations a little personal. To top it all off I decided to get real creative with his birthday Thank You cards. We were so so appreciative of all the gifts that JJ recieved, I wanted to really put effort into to showing it!

I bought all my supplies at Grossmont Nutrition in Grossment Center. The pictures I got developed at Costco. Total price was $7.25 for 20 fun Thank You cards!
I took a picture of JJ next to a piece a paper that said "Thank You"! I then taped the pictures on the card stock that I had purchased. After that, I decorated the front with stickers.
I then wrote in blue ink inside the card to match the "Thank You" on the front of the card.
Here is also the invitiations that I purchased for JJ's birthday party. 30 invitations for $3 dollars(99cent store).
I posted this picture on the back of the invitations to make them a little more personal(30 pictures developed from costco for $3.90).

Can't wait for the next Birthday Party!

Thursday, July 22, 2010

JJ's actual birthday July 22nd...

Mommy makes JJ a birthday cake!
0240 pm Daddy says goodbye to JJ because he has to go work and Mommy wakes up from working the night before.
0300pmJJ and Mommy have some bonding time in JJ's playpen. Mommy can't believes it has been a year!
Mommy's focus for today is doing whatever JJ wants to long as it does not hurt him or her.
0330pmSo they play Frisbee in the kitchen!
0400pm JJ has made a birthday knot on his head:(After frisbee JJ attempting to walk hits the side of the door(i promise it was not from playing frisbee)....time to get out the house.
We go for a long walk to a couple stores and the park. JJ wants to be held so Mommy holds him...while she also pushes the stroller( she was counting this one as her workout for the day)!

0600pm After a long walk and much fun we return home for dinner. Mommy lets JJ feed himself!
0630pm JJ makes a big mess so JJ has bathtime.
0700pm JJ loves his bathtime Mommy lets him stay in for a long time...
Splashing away

Even after a 30 min bath he hates to get out. I guess you can't make a baby happy all day.
0715pm JJ has a visitor....his beautiful Cousin Andrea...he is very happy now to play with Andrea.
0730pm Mommy and Andrea sing Happy Birthday to JJ!

0740pm We attempt to see if JJ will enjoy cake on his actual birthday....
Nope...the boy says no to sugar! Time for a bottle, bedtime prayer, and night night. Happy Birthday JJ we love you:)
1100pm Someone else enjoys the sugar after work....a little too much! -----------------------------------------------------------Down below are two videos of the Grandmas calling to wish JJ a Happy Birthday!Video #2 My Mom(Nana T) called at 0902am and Video#1Wes's Mom(Grandma D) called at 0905am. It was not even planned ....I guess Grandma's think and love a like!