Friday, July 26, 2013

Part II: Bell Family Vacation 2013

The 2nd day of our Family Vacation began with Mr.Wonderful and I taking turns sleeping in & then working out. 

We finally got out of the timeshare around 0130 and headed to Mission Beach! At Mission Beach they have cool rides in an area called Belmont Park. The kids could not take their eyes off of all the rides, even to eat!

After finishing lunch we roamed around in search for some fun and it was not hard to find some!

The kids were not the only ones having fun.  Amusement parks & riders brings the kid out of my Husband!

I had such a grand time capturing all these cute moments on my camera and in my heart!

I love seeing my kids have a smile on their little faces!

I also love seeing life through their little eyes!

It was Mr. Wonderful's idea to come to Belmont park before actually going to the beach.

It was such a great idea and it was the first time the kids road carnival like rides!

They totally loved every single moment!

Family vacations helps the whole family take a break from reality and everyday life to have fun!

It brings the family closer together through such fun and adventurous ways!

The family watched as Daddy got on a big person ride all by himself before we made our way to the beach.

My kids love love loves the beach!

We planned on just walking on the sand but the kids really wanted to feel the water. We gave in even though we had the boy's Destination Party planned right after leaving the beach!

I was the brave one who took the kids in to play with the tide!

Holding their hands, hearing their little giggles, and sharing moments like this with them feels so good! I was glad once again that we chose to take a family vacation when we could of thought of a thousand reason not to. Every moment felt so priceless on our Family Vacation 2013! Stay tuned to Part III

Monday, July 22, 2013

Part I: Bell's Family Vacation 2013

Two weeks ago we embarked on our family vacation for 2013! My dream goal is to have a family vacation every year and then just a vacation with just Mr. Wonderful and I. We decided to go to San Diego this year with the family!  We left on a tuesday at 0500am in the morning, thinking that the kids would transition well into the car & go right back to sleep. That was a total negative. The Girl did not take a nap until 1145am and she went down with a fight! The Boy is an Angel on long car rides and very content with looking out the window, talking, singing, and IPad time.

Finally a long stop in Irvine, Ca at the Spectrum Center. We met my Brother In-law who lives in the area for lunch. It was nice catching up and kids go bribed into acting right. The incentive to acting right was getting to ride on the carassel in the middle of the strip mall!

After lunch they were so so cute riding their horses.They both loved every single moment of the ride! I also had one of my Mommy moments, where I take every moment into my mind & heart!

We finally arrived at our destination, our 2 bedroom, living room included, and full kitchen Resort. I love staying at this place. The space and amenities are so nice, expecially with kids! The first thing the kids wanted to do was get in the pool!

My husband went to the store to do a little stocking of the cabinets and fridge. I got the honors of taking the kids to pool!

My 2 & 4 year old cannot swim yet so it was quite fun having them hang onto me . The boy would not let me go and the Girl was wanting me to let her go, she has no fear!

After swimming we had our first guest over at the timeshare, my BFF and the kids Godmother! She joined us for dinner! It was the beginning of a great family vacation!!!

Friday, July 19, 2013

4th Birthday Party: Destination Celebration

4 years ago God blessed us with 1st child,our son. Words can't express how honored we are to be called his parents . He brings so much joy to our heart and smiles to faces.

This year we decided to vaca in San Diego, in honor of JJ's birthplace. We also invited some of our special friends in San Diego to celebrate with us at his Destination Birthday Party ! We had such a wonderful time!

We have been gone for 2.5 years but San Diego still & always have part of our heart. The reason being is because of the wonderful relationships we still hold dear to our heart despite leaving San Diego.

It was not hard choosing to have a birthday party in the city the boy was born in and with friends who have known him since he was in my womb.

Everything turned out so great!

The games,

the food,

and fun spirit that is suppose to be alive at kids birthday parties.

It was so nice sharing the occasion with people who knew us before we were married and parents.

It had been months and for some years since we last seen our San Diego friends.

We got the chance to not only celebrate with friends but also to catch up.

Our shy boy took a while to warm up but when he did he had a blast.

My BFF a.k.a the kids Godmother came in with her gifts wrapped but the Boy noticed one from across the room...the skateboard. My BFF wrapped everything but the 4 wheels.

The Boy has been asking for a skate board every since he seen boys doing skateboard tricks at the park around the corner from our house . This was 6 months ago.

Mr. Wonderful told him that maybe he would get one for his 4th birthday(I was not for it).

Once the Boy spotted the skateboard before his party even started he could not keep his mind off of it.

When it was time to eat the question  was"Can I open my skateborad now?".

When it was time to play games the question was "Can I open my skateboard now?".

When it was time to eat cake the question was "Can I open my skateboard now?".

When it was time to open his presents the question  was "Can I open my skateboard now?".

Finally his very last present that he opened was his 1st skateboard! The BFF did a party foul when she did not wrap the wheels but we forgave her and will always make fun of the memory. The skateboard also came with knee and elbow pads & Mr. Wonderful stating that he will only let him ride it under his supervision.

What a great destination party for the Boy turning 4!

Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Giving My Mother Roses on her Birthday....

My Mother and her Twin turned 55 this last Sunday!

My siblings and I always try to give her roses throughout the year and especially on her birthday! We know she is a blessing that should be cherished and appreciated. One of her love languages is receiving gifts.

This Birthday we blessed the twins with a homemade Mexican dinner at my house, gifts, cake, and of course roses!

I challenge everyone to give their Mom roses on her birthday and throughout the year.

And roses are just a relative term. Roses could mean a hug and/or a kiss, a “Thank-you”, here and there or “I appreciate you”.

I encourage you to take time to show your mother that she is important.

You know your mother better than anyone else.

You know what makes her happy. Do what it takes to make her happy.

It is an investment you will never regret.

Don't get so caught up in other things or people that you forget her or make her feel like she is a burden.

She is a friend you will always have, no matter what.

Make sure you call her,if only for a few minutes. If you are in the same city, stop by to see her for a few minutes as often as you can.

Take her out for dinner, spoil her with gifts, and seek her advice.

Finally, don't just show her you love her, but also, make sure you say the words.

Live your life now, so you won't ever have any regrets.

Give your mother her flowers while she lives.

Happy 55th Mom & Auntie!!! 

We love you!