Friday, July 26, 2013

Part II: Bell Family Vacation 2013

The 2nd day of our Family Vacation began with Mr.Wonderful and I taking turns sleeping in & then working out. 

We finally got out of the timeshare around 0130 and headed to Mission Beach! At Mission Beach they have cool rides in an area called Belmont Park. The kids could not take their eyes off of all the rides, even to eat!

After finishing lunch we roamed around in search for some fun and it was not hard to find some!

The kids were not the only ones having fun.  Amusement parks & riders brings the kid out of my Husband!

I had such a grand time capturing all these cute moments on my camera and in my heart!

I love seeing my kids have a smile on their little faces!

I also love seeing life through their little eyes!

It was Mr. Wonderful's idea to come to Belmont park before actually going to the beach.

It was such a great idea and it was the first time the kids road carnival like rides!

They totally loved every single moment!

Family vacations helps the whole family take a break from reality and everyday life to have fun!

It brings the family closer together through such fun and adventurous ways!

The family watched as Daddy got on a big person ride all by himself before we made our way to the beach.

My kids love love loves the beach!

We planned on just walking on the sand but the kids really wanted to feel the water. We gave in even though we had the boy's Destination Party planned right after leaving the beach!

I was the brave one who took the kids in to play with the tide!

Holding their hands, hearing their little giggles, and sharing moments like this with them feels so good! I was glad once again that we chose to take a family vacation when we could of thought of a thousand reason not to. Every moment felt so priceless on our Family Vacation 2013! Stay tuned to Part III

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