Friday, July 19, 2013

4th Birthday Party: Destination Celebration

4 years ago God blessed us with 1st child,our son. Words can't express how honored we are to be called his parents . He brings so much joy to our heart and smiles to faces.

This year we decided to vaca in San Diego, in honor of JJ's birthplace. We also invited some of our special friends in San Diego to celebrate with us at his Destination Birthday Party ! We had such a wonderful time!

We have been gone for 2.5 years but San Diego still & always have part of our heart. The reason being is because of the wonderful relationships we still hold dear to our heart despite leaving San Diego.

It was not hard choosing to have a birthday party in the city the boy was born in and with friends who have known him since he was in my womb.

Everything turned out so great!

The games,

the food,

and fun spirit that is suppose to be alive at kids birthday parties.

It was so nice sharing the occasion with people who knew us before we were married and parents.

It had been months and for some years since we last seen our San Diego friends.

We got the chance to not only celebrate with friends but also to catch up.

Our shy boy took a while to warm up but when he did he had a blast.

My BFF a.k.a the kids Godmother came in with her gifts wrapped but the Boy noticed one from across the room...the skateboard. My BFF wrapped everything but the 4 wheels.

The Boy has been asking for a skate board every since he seen boys doing skateboard tricks at the park around the corner from our house . This was 6 months ago.

Mr. Wonderful told him that maybe he would get one for his 4th birthday(I was not for it).

Once the Boy spotted the skateboard before his party even started he could not keep his mind off of it.

When it was time to eat the question  was"Can I open my skateborad now?".

When it was time to play games the question was "Can I open my skateboard now?".

When it was time to eat cake the question was "Can I open my skateboard now?".

When it was time to open his presents the question  was "Can I open my skateboard now?".

Finally his very last present that he opened was his 1st skateboard! The BFF did a party foul when she did not wrap the wheels but we forgave her and will always make fun of the memory. The skateboard also came with knee and elbow pads & Mr. Wonderful stating that he will only let him ride it under his supervision.

What a great destination party for the Boy turning 4!

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