Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Giving My Mother Roses on her Birthday....

My Mother and her Twin turned 55 this last Sunday!

My siblings and I always try to give her roses throughout the year and especially on her birthday! We know she is a blessing that should be cherished and appreciated. One of her love languages is receiving gifts.

This Birthday we blessed the twins with a homemade Mexican dinner at my house, gifts, cake, and of course roses!

I challenge everyone to give their Mom roses on her birthday and throughout the year.

And roses are just a relative term. Roses could mean a hug and/or a kiss, a “Thank-you”, here and there or “I appreciate you”.

I encourage you to take time to show your mother that she is important.

You know your mother better than anyone else.

You know what makes her happy. Do what it takes to make her happy.

It is an investment you will never regret.

Don't get so caught up in other things or people that you forget her or make her feel like she is a burden.

She is a friend you will always have, no matter what.

Make sure you call her,if only for a few minutes. If you are in the same city, stop by to see her for a few minutes as often as you can.

Take her out for dinner, spoil her with gifts, and seek her advice.

Finally, don't just show her you love her, but also, make sure you say the words.

Live your life now, so you won't ever have any regrets.

Give your mother her flowers while she lives.

Happy 55th Mom & Auntie!!! 

We love you!

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Katherines Corner said...

what a wonderful post. Happy birthday to your beautiful Mother and her sister. Thank you for sharing at the Thursday Favorite Things blog hop. xo