Saturday, July 6, 2013

A 4th of July to Remember

Our 4th this year took place at our house. It was our 1st 4th of July in our new home! We invited our families over and assigned dishes. The only thing that I made was the flag cake! 

I am learning to delegate so that I am not in pain after events ,since I am still recovering from my MVA.
I will have to say that everyone did a great job bringing their assigned items and everything was delicious!​!!

Here is  our amazing layout of food:
(The things not pictured is Mac&Cheese​, hamburgers​, hot dogs, hot wings, and steak)

 My Sister's boyfriend did all the grilling. I made a new name for him after this day, Chef Boy Our Ray! We(or I should say He) barbecued outside but the majority of us ate inside.

It was 100 degrees outside and 78 degrees inside!

The only time we came out was to watch the kids have their water fun & take family pictures.

After eating we lounged on the couch and watched Tv and a movie.

Later that night my lil Sis and I took our kids to fireworks at the Marina!

The kids could see the fireworks as we were driving to the show and they were so so excited!

I love seeing things through my kids and my nieces eyes!

I was more focused on their reactions to the fireworks than the fireworks.

I knew that the kids were experiencing a piece of magic in these moments !!!

Later that night  I asked them all what was their favorite part of the day & they all had the same answer!



I am glad we live in a free country to experience all these special moments with our family and kids!!!

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