Monday, July 22, 2013

Part I: Bell's Family Vacation 2013

Two weeks ago we embarked on our family vacation for 2013! My dream goal is to have a family vacation every year and then just a vacation with just Mr. Wonderful and I. We decided to go to San Diego this year with the family!  We left on a tuesday at 0500am in the morning, thinking that the kids would transition well into the car & go right back to sleep. That was a total negative. The Girl did not take a nap until 1145am and she went down with a fight! The Boy is an Angel on long car rides and very content with looking out the window, talking, singing, and IPad time.

Finally a long stop in Irvine, Ca at the Spectrum Center. We met my Brother In-law who lives in the area for lunch. It was nice catching up and kids go bribed into acting right. The incentive to acting right was getting to ride on the carassel in the middle of the strip mall!

After lunch they were so so cute riding their horses.They both loved every single moment of the ride! I also had one of my Mommy moments, where I take every moment into my mind & heart!

We finally arrived at our destination, our 2 bedroom, living room included, and full kitchen Resort. I love staying at this place. The space and amenities are so nice, expecially with kids! The first thing the kids wanted to do was get in the pool!

My husband went to the store to do a little stocking of the cabinets and fridge. I got the honors of taking the kids to pool!

My 2 & 4 year old cannot swim yet so it was quite fun having them hang onto me . The boy would not let me go and the Girl was wanting me to let her go, she has no fear!

After swimming we had our first guest over at the timeshare, my BFF and the kids Godmother! She joined us for dinner! It was the beginning of a great family vacation!!!


Erica D said...

Aww the kiddies looked like they had a ball. My hubby and I (no kids yet) go on vacations every few months! We are all about the travelling. Our last trip was to Dubai and Abu Dhabi in May and we are planing one for next month.

Anonymous said...

Part 1 of your family vacation makes me anxious to see Part 2! Well done as usual. Even tho I've seen some of those pictures, they appeared as new in context!