Thursday, January 31, 2013

Valentines Advent Calendar

This week I made my first Valentines Advent Calendar! I am really looking forwards to Valentines Day. Are plans this year are not your traditional ones, but we will be together(without the kids)! To get the mood started right I decided it would be fun to countdown.
I bought 14 boxes of sweetheart candy (at 24cents each)and empty them into a wine bottle. I then slipped a single activity to do in each box of candy & numbered the boxes.

Dinner on patio after kids are asleep
Candles around the room with music
Over dinner think of new date ideas for 2013
Watch "Valentines Day" all cuddled up
Take a Valentines Self Portrait
Instead of texting send videos to each other for the day
Enjoy a dessert from a fancy Restaurant
Pick a time to pray for each other
Cookies in bed
Play our favorite card/board game at home or coffee shop
Eat heart shaped pancakes for breakfast
Dress each other in your favorite outfit
Happy VDay! Your in charge of activities today!

Mr. Wonderful does not know the specific tasks I have planned. He did say that he is looking forward to seeing what each box has in store for us!
Happy Love Month!!!
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Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Pinterest Does It Again

I love Pinterest for all the ideas they have to offer! I get ideas for recipes, decor, kids activities, and  anything else I need help with. If you frequently visit Pinterest you have seen all the great outfit layouts !? I love looking at them but never thought I could pull anything without going to the Mall. Last Sunday I was thinking about what I should wear for church and then a light bulb went off. The light bulb encouraged me to turn to Pinterest to look for ideas for an outfit to get out of my closet. I scrolled through a couple until I found something I thought I could pull off without having to spend a dollar.
This is what I found:
Low and behold i loved my outfit and so did Mr.Wonderful. It would have been much more closer if I had a similar belt, but who cares!? 
 "Not I", said the pinterest junkie! I now will be turning to Pinterest regularly to inspire me to turn to my closet. I can't wait to share more in the future!!!

What I Wore:
Jacket: Marshalls
Sweater: Target
Jeans: Gift from Sister
Boots: Steve Madden
Head Band: Wet Seal(Got it in High School)
Belt: Guess

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Thursday, January 24, 2013


Simplicity captured.
With nothing but my cell phone throughout the week.
That is what Insta-Friday is all about!

This is my Valentines display for this year! I don't think I am going to do more than this....okay maybe I have one more thing under my sleeve!

We got new wheels!!! Honda was my 1st car and now were reunited. I am excited that it has two roles of seats too!
One day last week I discovered that my phone's camera got hacked by this Lil guy.
It was an exciting and loud day in our house last Sunday! The 49ers are going to the Super Bowl! My husband and now I am a big fan!!!

The Lil Boy left evidence of playing with my phone but the Lil Girl got caught red handed getting into my watches!
Dear & Sweet friends came in from out of town. We had such a nice time. I baked an Egg White Omelet for the 1st time and it turned out great( I will definitely share on the blog soon). After breakfast we took a nice walk to the park and had a cute time with the kiddos.
My MIL blessed us with a Date Night. We did a Double Date with my Sis and her Man. I love DateNights!!!
This pic got the most likes on Instagram. I wonder why!? The Boy was quite serious about becoming a Trader Joes Customer in Training. The Girl on the other hand almost ran over a couple of people and caused an elderly lady to give me the stank eye.

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

DIY Chevron Curtain

I am totally obsessed with chevron print. So much that I wanted chevron kitchen curtains. The only thing was that I did not want to pay a whole lot. The solution was to make my own!!!
I used what I had:
Leftover brown paint that I used for my dresser
Gold acrylic paint
Yellow kids curtain panel I found at Target($14). The panel was designed to go vertical, but I placed it horizontal. It is a perfect fit for my kitchen window!
Blue Tape
Hanging rod
Curtain clips
How I approached the project at hand:
1. I laid the curtain flat and taped down 5 vertical lines (the same distance apart).
2. I then taped horizontal lines in between & on the outside of vertical lines( the creases that were made from the curtain being folded helped a lot). This gave the uniform zig zag a.k.a chevron design.
3. I then moved to my deck to paint inside of every other zigzag. I carefully removed the vertical lines before I painted. I then let it dry overnight on the deck.
4. The next day I moved it back onto the kitchen table. I laid it flat and put a little extra design with gold acrylic paint. I then let that dry for a couple of hours.
5. I had Mr. Wonderful hang curtain rod.I folded the top a little, to fit perfectly! I then used curtain clips to hang .
6. I enjoy looking at these curtains everyday!!!!
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Thursday, January 17, 2013

InstaFriday: The 1st half of January

I have become some what addicted to Instagram. I love how I can capture a lot of special moments, make them look extra pretty, and share it with many within a couple of minutes! Here is our 1st half of January:

I started the year with choosing a word to guide me through 2013. Gratitude

I have been trying to eat right from the beginning of the day. I believe if I start strong I could possibly finish strong!

I actually wore something other than workout clothes the other day. I want to "Get Dress" more this year.

I want to be more resourceful this year!

I want the kids to have another year of being cavity free!

My Husband started the year off right by gifting me with these!

I captured the kids catching a balloon from the sky! Just precious!

We had our 1st Playdate of the year with JJ's #1 friend!

They are too much for me!

We had the Playdate at a sweet local shopping mall with a play area.

The Boy has been sporting the Christmas pjs and loving them!

Mr. Wonderful took the Girl to get yogurt and she did not want to leave.

This is one of the scariest pictures I have taken. It's where my husband got into a serious car accident last week. Gods protection is amazing.

Mr. Wonderful was laid up for 5 days and we then finally got out the house.

The kids were so cute as they wanted to imitate people in the stores trying on shoes.

While in the car they acted like they were sleep. We need some acting classes!?

The Boy has been in love with puzzles and the Girl loves destroying her brothers hard work.

One of my favorite Cosby episodes aired and the kids fell in love too!

We made a trip to BestBuy and the girl wanted to play hide & seek.

Oh how I love Naptime, because it means My Time!

It rejuvenates me for what I love more, playtime with my Boy & Girl!