Thursday, January 24, 2013


Simplicity captured.
With nothing but my cell phone throughout the week.
That is what Insta-Friday is all about!

This is my Valentines display for this year! I don't think I am going to do more than this....okay maybe I have one more thing under my sleeve!

We got new wheels!!! Honda was my 1st car and now were reunited. I am excited that it has two roles of seats too!
One day last week I discovered that my phone's camera got hacked by this Lil guy.
It was an exciting and loud day in our house last Sunday! The 49ers are going to the Super Bowl! My husband and now I am a big fan!!!

The Lil Boy left evidence of playing with my phone but the Lil Girl got caught red handed getting into my watches!
Dear & Sweet friends came in from out of town. We had such a nice time. I baked an Egg White Omelet for the 1st time and it turned out great( I will definitely share on the blog soon). After breakfast we took a nice walk to the park and had a cute time with the kiddos.
My MIL blessed us with a Date Night. We did a Double Date with my Sis and her Man. I love DateNights!!!
This pic got the most likes on Instagram. I wonder why!? The Boy was quite serious about becoming a Trader Joes Customer in Training. The Girl on the other hand almost ran over a couple of people and caused an elderly lady to give me the stank eye.


Unknown said...

Your little one is adorable! Thanks so much for following me! I'm your newest follower too! And I'm in love with your new car! That is exactly what I want for our next vehicle!

AngieOuellette-Tower said...

You have a wonderful blog!! I'm your newest GFC follower from the “Harvest of Friends” blog hop - this is my blog if you wanted to follow back:

Unknown said...

Your little guy is so sweet! I too, am excited about the 49ers heading to the superbowl! I'm glad I stumbled upon your cute blog and look forward to posts in the future (now following!)

Enjoy your weekend!

♥ Talia

Julia @ Mini Van Dreams said...

Love seeing these! Your kids are so adorable! Following from the Harvest hop!

Julia @ Mom on the Run x2

Simply Tasheena said...

Love the new car!!! Adorable pictures too :).

Mrs. Delightful

Unknown said...

Cute Valentines decorations. We don't decorate for Valentines Day here in Australia, but I look at things like that and kind of get tempted to do so! New car, how exciting! The kids with their carts are uber cute!