Saturday, August 3, 2013

Part III: Bells Family Vacation 2013

On our 3rd day in San Diego we decided to give the lovely San Diego Zoo a visit!

My BFF a.k.a my kids Godmother gave us the hookup for a nice trip to the zoo with her!

My kids absolutely adore their Godmother so it was a double treat to be able to see the amazing animals and spend time with Godmomma!

The weather was great, the animals were out, and the scenery at the zoo is literally breath taking.

In the past when we have went to the local zoo the kids were younger and just did not seem that much into it.

This was not the case on this day. I have never seen my kids so tooken with what was before their eyes!

Our eyes were also fascinated that all the animals were so up close & personal!

The animals seem so interactive, compared to previous zoo trips where the animals were hiding or sleeping somewhere we could not see them.

It literally felt like they were giving us a performed show!

In reality they were just living their lifes right before our eyes.

My kids did not want to stop and take pictures. All they wanted to do was look at God's creations.

I enjoyed the animals but was also impressed with trees, water, and walkways.

The kids also did not want to roll in the stroller but they wanted to walk and be adventurous!

We let them do just that until we came to some steep heels!

The kids could look at one exhibit all day if we let them!

I once again sat back and captured moments with heart and camera!

Mr Wonderful and I kept on thanking my Best Friend for blessing us with such a wonderful Zoo day!

I knew it was a good idea but did not know that it was going to be this great!

San Diego Zoo is so big that we did not even see everything.

We had to put priority on what we really wanted the kids and us to experience.

Before we left I tried to get some family shots but it turned out like it always does...

The Best captured shots are with Mom standing behind the lens!
This was my favorite of my 3 favorite people in the whole world in one of my favorite places in the whole world, San Diego!


Erica D said...

I heard this zoo was very good! I went to the Toronto Zoo at the beginning of spring but I found that many of the animals were not out yet. nice photos :)

Anonymous said...

Bell Family Vacation Part III is another wonderful glimpse into your time in SD and also another great BLOG! Thanks again for sharing your heart and your memories via BLOG! I love looking at them! :)