Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Part 4 : The Bell Family Vacation 2013

After going to the Zoo we invited some of our San Diego friends over that night for Dinner. It was great conversing, laughing, and catching up!

On the next morning which was 4th day of our vacation we also had guest over for the morning. I invited two of my previous coworkers (now life long friends) over for breakfast while Mr. Wonderful worked out !

It was so nice hearing what was going on in their life's & sharing the same.

I miss these two woman so much & these kids! My Boy & this cute boy are only one day apart.

These boys were growing together in their Mommy's tummies as we were running around the nursing station together 4 years ago!

After checking out of our timeshare we headed to our favorite beach!


The initial goal was just to walk the beautiful beach.

The kids some how convinced us to let them get in the water with their clothes!

It seemed so silly but I reminded myself that we were on vacation.

We then went all out and let them have some true water fun!

It was totally worth the big mess we had to clean after!

After the water fun was all done we showered them down & put on some dry clothes.

Our next mission was Hotel Del!

This is where we enjoyed some good ice cream!
We now have another wonderful & sweet time at the beach in the books!!!

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Meredith @ The Laundry Can Wait said...

There's nothing like some Girl Time with friends to rejuvenate the soul. I liked seeing the kiddos in the water, enjoying themselves. Children are so precious!!