Wednesday, August 14, 2013

My Daddy & the Tire Swing

A couple weeks ago my little Sis had her wedding! A wedding post will come in the near future!

My Sister having her wedding brought my Texas family to town!

My Daddy,Step-Mommy, Brother, and his fiancé!

We were so excited to have them all in town!

This was my Dad and Step-Mom's 1st time seeing our home in person!

I had the pleasure to have them spend the night! I was honored to cook dinner & breakfast for them. It was so nice to have them sitting across the table & break bread with my Texas family! Our conversations are always filled with love, laughs, and stories.

My Daddy started on a sweet & special project to bless our home that night.

A tire swing for the kids in our very own backyard!

The anticipation by my kids & my darling niece was really precious.

My Dad was very proud of making his 1st tire swing! I think I have one of the smartest & most hard working Dads in the world !

He was also proud of the smiles & laughs he helped produce that day! I will always think of him as our own family & friends enjoy the swing over time!

The truth of the story is that my step-Mom was the mastermind behind creating a swing in the backyard after seeing pics of our backyard. They make a great team. We appreciate & miss them so much!!!

3 weeks later

The kids are still using the swing faithfully & with creativity!!!

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