Saturday, August 10, 2013

Part 5: End of Bell Family Vacation 2013

Every vacation has to come to an end. We stretched our end by a day.

We called up one of our friends( my husbands old roommate) and told him how we were not ready to leave beautiful San Diego.

Our friends generously opened their home to us for the night!

We broke bread at a local restraunt and caught up on the kids & life.

The next morning we watched the kids have fun with water, toys, bikes, and each other!

After breakfast we took a nice walk to their beautiful local park!

It was so nice to see the kids play together so well.

We knew this couple before we were a couple & before they had kids.

We attended the same church for 9 years.

My husband was in his wedding & he was in ours! I attended her 1st baby shower & we delivered them food when they came home with their brand new baby.

It was quite special sitting back and reminiscing about old times.

They are such beautiful family inside & out!

Mr. Wonderful and I kept on thanking them for letting us end our vacation in such a special way with special people.

I think the kids love being able to run,



and scream before a long car ride home.

A vacation where we can relax, explore, and hangout with friends was just perfect for us !

After lunch we packed up & sad our goodbyes. It was do hard to leave that we stopped at another family's house but just for 30 minutes. We left late which meant the kids slept half the ride home!!!

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