Monday, July 5, 2010

JJ's lst 4th of July!

Mommy made her 1st Flag cake!
We all enjoyed JJ, even though he was teething.... the whole day:( 4 new teeth on the top!

Daddy grilled, Mommy made her famous potatoes salad, and friends brought the other sides!(JJ actually ate everything except the Flag cake....saving cake eating for his 1st Birthday party!

JJ had fun playing with his friends and his Godmother!

JJ wore his 4th of July outfit that his Godmother bought him...he looked so cute!
We ended the night with JJ watching the fireworks with 3 of his favorite people in the whole world!

JJ's 1st 4th of July was full of fire work explosions and new teeth exploding out of his gums! Mommy and Daddy made the best out of the day. We had so much fun enjoying JJ and friends:)


Anonymous said...

This is beyond darling...I know you said you were going to slow down on the blog after a year....but .... you are so good at it and we love it so....maybe after 2 years!? :) Are all 4 teeth in on top? Love, M2 or Grandma D

Anonymous said...

Thanks, Jonnique.
We also enjoyed yesterday a lot. We even got to see the firework at Lake Murray, because when we left your house, it was almost 9:00pm. So we parked in second lane and were watching it from the car. Alisa and Julia were amazed.
Have a great time with your family and with JJ's 1st B-party.
Love Ute

Anonymous said...

I might make fun of you for always updating the blog, But I sure enjoy reading everything and seeing the pictures. I know I will do the same thing once I have my own little guy or girl. so glad I got to spend 4th of july with y'all. On the pictures of us watching fireworks I notice we were sporting red white and blue. you had red, JJ had white, I had blue. :)