Sunday, July 18, 2010

Another Milestone....JJ sits forward in car seat!

Last week JJ got to try out his new car seat! Thanks to Grandma D and Grandpa Jim who purchased the great car seat. He loves seeing Mommy and Daddy and Mommy and Daddy love seeing him, in the car now. It seems as if he enjoys the car rides so much more now!
* The picture above is from driving home late one night. He is in his pjs coming from Orange County(from Uncle Mikes and Aunt Julies house).

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Tricia said...

So cute! Btw, did you ever get taught in your birthing class or at the hospital how to properly adjust the seat belt? If not, call me, even though you have a top of the line car seat, the only thing between major injury and death in a "small" accident is the proper fit of the belt across the lil one. Call me so I can explain, it would be too hard to write it out. :)