Friday, September 21, 2012

Sports Paintings for the Boy

I am in love with painting right now. Every since I painted my first piece of furniture. I have been having a super itch to paint more. 

My Son is in love with sports. When I was pregnant with him my husband spoke about how athletic he would be & it has come into existence, big time. The Boy loves every sport. His top 3 are basketball, baseball, and football(in that order).

This lovely piece of art below was presented it to me at my Baby Shower from a thoughtful & creative friend. I always wanted to add to this piece.

I let my itch lead me to paint 2 more pieces this week.

What I used:

Canvas (Pack of 2 from JoAnn Fabrics...they were 50% off last week)
Acrylic Paint colors
3 different sizes of paint brushes

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Lena said...

It looks lovely!