Thursday, September 26, 2013

Easy,Cute, & Great Baby Shower Gift

The other week I went to a Baby Shower for 3 of my Co-Workers! Yes 3! Us Nurses like to get pregnant in 3's! These three nurses were due a couple months apart before this year ends. One happened to already have had her baby and shared him with us at the Baby Shower. 

I felt a litte overwhelmed shopping for 3 babies and did not have any pregnancy energy.

1. Mr. Wonderful came up with the idea of buying them all Costco diapers! Who does not need and want diapers for their newborns!?

I did not want to just hand them a big old box of diapers so I tried to be creative! 

2. I wrapped them up with my recycled Trader Joe's bags, turned inside-out.

3. I used some scotch tape to hold Joe's bags down.

I love my chalkboards I have around my house so of course I had chalk on hand to use!

4. I wrote a colorful message to all the ladies with chalk!

I congratulated them on their new little bundles of joys that they were about to experience!

Did I mention that they were all having Boys!!! 

It was such a cute shower !!!

 5.  They loved opening their diaper boxes after reading their personal and individual messages!!!

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