Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Gratitudes and Gifts

 The 30th birthday as we all know is a very special birthday. My Best Friend that I have known for 15 years is 30! We live about 500 miles away from each other right now. My entire family will be traveling and joining her for her BIG birthday party and giving her a gift next week! Despite distance I wanted to give her something special on her actual Birthday!

I am so grateful for my friend and sometimes I wonder if she really knows exactly how much . I decided to show her my gratitude through this gift!  Here were my steps:         
1.   I  printed out a letter(posted above) explaining the gift...

20 Gratitudes + 10 Friendship Gifts= Happy 30th Birthday LaDonna.

2. I found  a pretty card stock of butterflies to fly my Gratitudes! I then typed 20 gratitudes to place on the front of the  butterflies. It was not hard to think of 20 all!

3. I then found 20 pictures to place with each Thank You note. I placed the pictures on the back of the butterflies! Finding pictures was easy also(the majority of the pictures I  found I was pregnant )...we have taken so many pictures over the years!

4. In college me and the BF would randomly by each other gifts and give them to each other with a note that said "Happy Friend Day!".  I decided to buy my BFF 10 random friend gifts i.e her favorite cookies, fruit, workout shirt, lotion, jewelry, cute socks, and more!

5. I placed all the gifts in a cute gift bag and wrapped all the Thank You notes together!

7. Lastly, my Lil Helper and me taped it up and sent it to the Post Office!


Libby said...

Even though you couldn't be there for your friend's birthday celebration, receiving this box of gifts will be a celebration in and of itself. This is an amazing gift because of all of the thoughtfulness that went into it. Your friend will love this for sure! Great idea. :-)

Simply Tasheena said...

This is such a great meaningful gift idea!

~Mrs. Delightful

Unknown said...

She is one lucky gal to have a friend that would do all you did for her. Awesome.

Birthday Girl said...

Beyond grateful for my friendship with Jonnique "creative" Bell. Thanks for all you did with this gift to make my 30th birthday extra extra special. One of the ways I get to witness and experience Gods love for me is by your friendship. can't wait to see ya in 10 day. Love Ya and thanks so much for the thoughtful gift.

I think I might shed a tear when I actually get the gift.

Claire @ Gemini Nutrition said...

Fabulous post,
Thank you for linking your post up! , hope you will stop by today and link up another great post!!
See you there
Claire x