Friday, May 31, 2013

Looking in my closet 1st!

Lately I have been feeling like I really need more clothes. Does this feeling ever go away!? The problem is that in this season Mr. Wonderful and I are trying to save money. I have decided before I go summer shopping to look deep into my closet. I have used Pinterest to help me look.

I thought about this black skirt after spotting a black skirt roaming on Pinterest.

Black Skirt: Target
Top: NewYork &Company
Necklace: jcpenney

Here is the skirt I spotted on the lovely Pinterest:

Dear Kate helped me remember my purple pumps!!! I love hers & my own!!!

Purple Pumps: Burlington
Black Dress:Express
Black Cardigan: JcPenney
Necklace: Macy
Earrings: Old Navy

We had our 1st Barbecue in our backyard on Memorial Day and I wanted to wear shorts. The picture above reminded me of my denim jeans.

Denim Shorts & Top: Target
Necklace & Earrings: Target
Wedges: Burlington

I will keep on pinning in hopes to stop spending!!! My husband loves to hear that! Thank you Pinterest! I love Fashionistas Follow me & I'll follow you back!!! 


Simply Tasheena said...

This is such a fab idea, I love how your using inspiration from pinterest and using the clothing you already have!!!

Sheaffer {Pinterest Told Me To} said...

Great job! Love your outfits, love you shoes, and love the wreath on your front door! :)
Thanks for linking up!

Rachel Zimm said...

You look beautiful in green in the first picture!
Love those purple pumps.
Have a great weekend!
floral & fudge

mel @ the larson lingo said...

Great job, Jonnique!
You rocked those purple heels!
Thanks for linkng up with us! :)

Unknown said...

Oh man, I love those purple pumps! I don't think I could walk around in those for very long, let alone with kids, but you rock them!

Ginger said...

That green shirt looks stunning on you. I found you blog through Aloha Blog Hop. I look forward to following you. Have a blessed weekend.